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What is a C88 form and how do I complete it?

Mariluz Sampalo
Mariluz Sampalo
Mar 30, 2022
c88 form or SAD is vital for international shipping

Have you wondered what a C88 form is, how to complete it, and what its purpose is? Keep reading to find out.

C88 is the name that the Single Administrative Document (SAD) receives in the United Kingdom. The purpose of this document is to ease the management of international trade operations with the EU as origin or destination.

The C88 form is used to declare imports and exports and speed up the process of paying taxes, if there are.

What is a C88 form?

It’s a customs declaration document for trade operations when the EU is the origin or destination of the goods. It speeds up the customs clearance process and the payment of taxes, if necessary.

The C88 form is known, in other countries, as SAD and it's one of the most common documents in the customs management of shipments from or to the EU.

This means that you’ll need to complete a C88 form if you ship from the UK to the EU. If you receive goods from the EU and you are in the UK, the shipper will need your information to fill out this form. 

This document speeds up customs procedures, helps to keep track of goods, and ensures the safety of the products and the territory.

What is a C88 form used for?

This document is used for trade operations that involve shipments from the EU to a third country or from a third country to the EU.

It speeds up the customs process, ensures the safety of the products, and prevents unexpected duties and taxes from popping up.

This document is standardised for many countries, reducing the administrative burden of the process while providing standard data during the transaction.

Completing a C88 form

When goods are declared to UK Customs or originate from the UK, but the EU is the destination, you’ll need to submit a C88 form.

To complete a C88 form, download the document and fill out the fields. There are a total of 8 sections that need to be completed with information about the goods, the importer, the exporter or transportation, and payment details, among other things.

The EU unified declaration form (SAD or C88 form) has 8 copies; the first 3 copies are for the exporting country, and the last 5 copies follow the goods.

Who can request a C88 form?

C88 forms can be presented virtually through credentials or physically when requested by customs authorities.

After the customs agents accept the C88 form, they will provide a unique declaration number to the person or company in charge of the process.

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FAQs about C88 forms

What does the C88 form look like?

It’s a digital or on-paper document with many fields. This is how the C88 form looks:

c88 form example

Does the C88 form differ from country to country?

The C88 form is the name the SAD document receives in the UK. The existence and purpose of this document is to speed up the process of shipping internationally and accelerate customs clearance. This is why all SAD documents are basically the same, although some fields may vary from country to country.

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We hope that after reading this article, you understand everything related to the C88 form: what it is, how to complete it, who can request it, and other documents related to customs clearance.

Read more on this topic and international shipping to optimize your shipments.

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