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Outvio vs. parcelLab comparison.

Unsure about choosing Outvio or parcelLab? We will outline why Outvio’s extended functionality, including beyond tracking and notifications, becomes essential for both growing and established online businesses.

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Functionality Beyond Shipment Tracking

Compare features.

Even though we are bound to be a bit biased, we have put our industry expertise to work, to give you our honest and fair opinion on the best choice for established eCommerces, comparing key benefits and advantages.
Advanced Fulfilment System
Ship orders with 80+ couriers
Branded Tracking Page with Smart Actions™
Customizable tracking emails for every step of the delivery and return process
Branded notification emails with drag-and-drop email editor
Custom notifications alerts for the customer
SMS notifications
Incident management
Resolve most common shipping incidents automatically
Fully branded returns and exchanges portal URL
Fully branded and automated return & exchanges portal
Analytics from fulfillment, to shipping, notifications, returns and exchanges and sales
90+ KPIs
1-3 business days
Static page only
Custom development, not branded URL, no exchanges
Less than 50
1-3 months
"Integrating Ballzy into the Outvio infrastructure was definitely the best decision in 2021. There has been a turning point in the way we interact with our customers, the quality of our customer support and our logistics costs. Outvio is here to stay."

"Definitely the best decision in 2021"

Aivar Kisel
Logistics manager of Ballzy

7 features you only get with Outvio.

Online stores that exclusively want to send automatic personalized notifications and provide a custom tracking page, will find a solid solution in either platform. However, for large eCommerce operations, seeking to centralize multiple tools into a single solution while significantly improving the ROI, Outvio is the only all-in-one platform that transforms every order into an opportunity to offer the best buying experience.

An all-in-one solution.

Online stores using parcelLab mainly use it to provide custom tracking page and notifications to their buyers. They typically rely on other tools to manage the fulfilment, shipping and returns and exchanges. Outvio on the other hand centralizes all the post-purchase operations, from fulfilment to shipping, incident management, returns and exchanges and, of course, includes notifications and the best tracking page in the industry, in a single place.

Branded Tracking page with Smart Actions™.

All Outvio clients have access to a fully branded tracking page with Smart Actions™ that enables customers to solve shipping issues without contacting customer support, saving time for you and your buyers. You can fully customize it to match the branding of your eCommerce, it is available in 30+ languages and you can add advertising banners to encourage new purchases. And it is also embeddable in your eCommerce’s website.
Message for shipment tracking for Skechers post-checkout

Edit delivery notifications with ease.

Both parcelLab and Outvio offer branded and automated delivery notifications via email or SMS. However, with Outvio, eCommerces have the additional advantage of being able to change email notifications in a matter of minutes without the need of involving developers or any third party, thanks to a powerful drag-and-drop email editor. This way, you can prepare new campaigns, promote new launches and products in a couple of clicks while reducing the time and risks of having to rely on third parties every time you want to make a change.

The most advanced Returns & Exchanges.

Outvio offers a powerful, fully-branded and feature-rich returns and exchanges portal that can be completely customized to match the style of your eCommerce without making any compromises. It can also be localized to 30+ languages and it supports exchanges. Outvio’s powerful returns and exchanges rules are a result of 5+ years of experience in this field, so we guarantee that even the most edge cases are covered and can be set up off the shelf in minutes. Also, unlike parcelLab, with Outvio you can process returns and print the return label with any of your couriers.

Proactive Incident manager.

Outvio features a powerful incident management tool, that allows your customer support to visualize, in real-time, all orders with an incident and know their resolution status. It does not only inform of the type of incident, but can also send automatic notifications whenever there’s a problem that requires the attention of your customer support department. Outvio can even help solve some incidents without human intervention, by automatically communicating with your customers.

Ship orders with all your couriers.

You can centralize the connection with all your couriers and print shipping labels with Outvio. You cannot do this with parcelLab. We support 80+ couriers, multi-country and multi-warehouse operations. This, in turn, will give you unprecedented analytic data on the performance of your couriers, shipping costs and more.
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Better ROI for your eCommerce.

If you run an established eCommerce business, most CFOs welcome Outvio as an investment that makes sense. Unlike parcelLab, with Outvio you can unify most of your post-checkout operations in a single tool. This translates into increased operation efficiency, lower training and implementation costs, shorter setup times and a clearly superior return on investment.
Our logistics have improved because the shipping management is easier and we can use different carriers depending on the destination or type of order and always find the best shipping cost. We don´t have anything negative to say, the customer support is perfect.
5 Stars

"Glad to be working with Outvio"

Cristian Arenas
Logistics manager in PuroEGO

The Outvio Advantage.

As a large eCommerce businesses, you need more than just branded tracking and delivery notifications. You need to ship orders, provide powerful returns and exchanges and streamline customer support. Outvio is the only all-in-one solution for eCommerce that can offer all the post-checkout processes in a single package.

Outvio adapts to all kinds of operations and workflows, can be implemented in days, requires minimal training for our staff and also makes sense in terms of ROI. This is the reason why top eCommerces choose Outvio

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