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TARIC code: definition and impact on global eCommerce

Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez
Mar 15, 2022
taric codes are essential for shipments within the eu

The TARIC code is a system of tariff codes for the classification of products within the European Union. The TARIC code resembles other classification systems such as the HS (Harmonized System) code.

If you’re already shipping internationally, you’re probably familiar with the various obstacles packages can encounter upon arrival at customs.

But in this article, we are going to focus on the TARIC code, including what it is, how it’s obtained, and the purpose of the different TARIC codes.

What is a TARIC code?

The TARIC code is a tariff classification system used by the European Union for the classification of products within the common customs territory. They can be checked free of charge in the search engine available on the official portal of the European Commission.

On this website, you can also download a list of TARIC codes. These codes are reviewed and updated every day.

european comission taric code page

TARIC stands for ‘TARif Intégré Communautaire,’ which translates to something like Integrated Tariff of the European Communities.

How to find products’ TARIC codes

To get or check the TARIC code of your products, simply enter the generic name of your product or the material from which it’s made in the official portal previously mentioned.

The system helps you find the most accurate representation of your product through a hierarchical system.

Try to choose the most suitable code. Otherwise, customs clearance could be delayed, leading to additional costs, or the goods could be held or discarded.

TARIC codes are used mainly in the European Union. For shipments to the U.K., the U.S. or Russia, it’s better to use the HS code.

What happens if I use the wrong code?

Using the wrong code can result in delays. For instance, if you use a TARIC code that applies a 0% duty rate to an item that should have been charged, you'll probably face a delay and additional customs clarification may be required.

How does a TARIC code look like?

A TARIC code is a series of, generally, 10 digits. The number of digits may vary from country to country.

TARIC codes can also be called harmonisation codes, HS codes, Classification Codes, Tariff Codes or Customs Tariff Numbers, although not all of these are synonyms.

Purpose of TARIC codes

The TARIC code is used to establish the tariffs of products that are being shipped.

The different customs offices will determine if the TARIC code that you have assigned to your products is correct and if you must pay any additional duty or tax before the goods can be delivered.

Additionally, you may be asked for the Intrastat code. This code is only necessary for statistical reasons.


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