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Outvio vs. Baselinker comparison.

Unsure about choosing Outvio or Baselinker? We will outline why Outvio’s extended functionality becomes essential for both growing and established online businesses.

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Even though we are bound to be a bit biased, we have put our industry expertise to work, to give you our honest and fair opinion on the best choice for established eCommerces, comparing key benefits and advantages.
Stock management
Picking Orders with Barcode scanner
Packing Orders with Barcode scanner
Advanced Fulfillment System
Real-time order import from marketplaces and online store
Branded tracking page with Smart Actions™
Possibility to upsell on your tracking page
Fully customize your email notifications with a drag-and-drop editor
SMS notifications without additional integrations
Incident management
Branded and automated Returns and Exchanges portal
Relies on HTML coding
"Our logistics have improved because the shipping management is easier and we can use different carriers depending on the destination or type of order and always find the best shipping cost. We don´t have anything negative to say, the customer support is perfect."
5 Stars

"Glad to be working with Outvio"

Cristian Arenas
Logistics manager in PuroEGO

8 features you only get with Outvio.

If you have a small online operation and your main goal is to have a tool that gives you a flow to pick, pack and ship orders, both Baselinker and Outvio can do the job. However, Outvio's more advanced fulfilment flows, the possibility to integrate functionality beyond fulfilment and shipping into an all-in-one platform and superior branding and customisation features, make it the software of choice for growing and established eCommerces.

An all-in-one solution.

Baselinker’s functionality revolves around stock management and order shipment. With Baselinker, eCommerces feel forced to use at least 2 or 3 additional software tools to manage returns and exchanges, manage shipping incidents, or to even offer a branded purchasing experience with your own tracking page. Outvio, on the other hand, centralizes all the post-purchase operations, from fulfillment to shipping, incident management, returns and exchanges and, of course, branded and automatic notifications and the best tracking page in the industry, in a single place. And, if you use a third-party stock management system, Outvio can connect with your existing WMS or multi-channel stock management software in a simple way.

An Advanced Fulfillment System.

Outvio features an Advanced Fulfillment System that includes on-screen picking lists that are intuitive and interactive, barcode scanning for an error-free packing flow and revolutionary functionality that enables online stores to reduce the time they spend on order processing by half. Clients that come to Outvio report receiving 79% less customer support queries related to the shipping and delivery process, which also allows eCommerces to be more efficient with their time and unlocks a better purchasing experience for the buyer.

The best tracking page for eCommerce.

Outvio features the best tracking page in the industry with Smart Actions™ that automate customer support and gives the best shopping experience to your buyers. The page is fully customisable to match your branding and can also feature ads and banners to upsell products and inform of offers and special deals. Online stores that use Outvio’s tracking page report an average increase of sales of 1.2% after just 5 months. Baselinker on the other hand does not offer anything similar to this. This means your delivery experience will be poor and rely on the courier’s standard tracking page, making it impersonal and missing opportunities to upsell and remarket your products.

Edit delivery notifications with ease.

With Outvio you get a powerful drag-and-drop email editor that allows you to edit emails in a fast and easy manner. Add recommended products, seasonal campaigns, videos and more. Outvio comes with 16 pre-configured touchpoints in the delivery and return process, but you can custom-create more notifications based on specific triggers, without losing your essence. With Baselinker you only get a pre-made template that is extremely limited and can only be configured through HTML, meaning you need to involve developers or third-parties making the process time-consuming and slow.
Message for shipment tracking for Skechers post-checkout

The most advanced Returns & Exchanges.

Instead of relying on another tool to process returns and exchanges, Outvio features the most advanced returns and exchanges portal. Customise it to match your branding, set up your return policies in minutes and automate returns and exchanges in 30+ languages. With Baselinker you will need to yet use another tool, as they do not support and functionality to automate returns and exchanges. This will add more cost, risks and additional training to your staff.

Proactive Incident Manager.

Outvio has a dedicated incident management panel that shows you, in real-time, all shipments with incidents, what incident is affecting them and provides tools to efficiently solve and know, at all times, their status. This streamlines customer support so you can offer the best shopping experience to all of your customers. Baselinker has nothing similar to this, which means that you will have to either manually track and solve all shipping incidents or, partner with another tool to provide the customer service your buyers deserve. With Outvio, you get everything you need in a single platform.


Baselinker only offers analytics mainly on sales and fulfilment. Outvio, on the other hand, provides over 90 business-critical KPIs, about sales and fulfilment of course, but also detailed analytics about shipping performance, couriers, notifications, incidents and returns and exchanges.

A UI built for productivity.

With Baselinker you will notice that often they push you to create workflows that are complicated and unintuitive for no apparent reason which will slow down your operations instead of helping you automate processes to grow faster. Outvio was designed from the ground up to automate eCommerce operations (not just processing orders). That’s why Outvio takes the user experience very seriously. With Outvio you don’t only get a professional and intuitive tool with a beautiful and intuitive design, but also a workflow that is built to make your operations fast and error-free and to offer the best possible shopping experience.
In 2019 we started working with Outvio to be able to scale our operations and it was a success. Now that we have grown, Outvio continues to be a key part of our infrastructure. Highly recommended to automate actions and focus on what adds value to the business.
5 Stars

"Best partner for your company"

Gerard AmargĂłs
Operations Manager at Kriim

Advantages of Outvio.

As your online store grow, you need to streamline and automate your operations and offer a better shopping experience in order to stand out from your competitors.

It becomes more and more important to offer a personalised delivery experience and automation of returns and exchange. Outvio is the only all-in-one solution for eCommerce that offers all the post-checkout processes in a single package.

Outvio adapts to all kinds of operations and workflows, can be implemented in days, requires minimal training for your staff and also makes sense in terms of ROI. This is the reason why top and growing eCommerces choose Outvio.

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