Shopify CS.

Outvio Desk isn't just a support tool; it's a tailored solution for Shopify businesses. From order inquiries to product support, we've designed specific features to meet the unique needs of Shopify retailers.
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Live chat built for online stores.

Turn website visitors into buyers with real-time chat! Answer questions directly, eliminate email lag, and watch your sales soar. Deliver the best support experience effortlessly.

All-in-one Inbox for eCommerce.

Outvio Desk integrates email, chat, social media, and more, centralizing your support in one powerful inbox. Unify your Shopify eCommerce support, automate tasks and fuel your team with instant data.

Support enhanced by AI.

Empower your team with AI to automatically handle routine questions and tasks, freeing them up to deal with more complex issues where a human touch is needed.

Craft workflows with ease.

Outvio Desk empowers you to create customized workflows that streamline your support processes. Whether it's ticket routing, issue escalation or task automation.

Instant, consistent responses.

When every second counts, simplicity is your greatest ally. Respond swiftly with a single click, insert pre-configured templates into your messages instantly and ensure consistent and high-quality responses with minimal effort.

All Social Media, organised in one place.

Consolidate your social media platforms into a single inbox, empowering your team with a straightforward yet potent workflow for centralised support.


Get real-time insights into individual and team performance with detailed metrics on response times, resolution rates and customer sentiment. Identify trends, uncover performance bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions that drive impactful improvements.

Up and running in minutes.

Time is of the essence, and we understand that.
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