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Outvio vs. Paqato comparison.

Unsure about choosing Outvio or Paqato? We will outline some of the reasons why Outvio’s extended functionality becomes essential for both growing and established online businesses.

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Functionality Beyond Shipment Tracking

Compare features.

If you feel like it’s time to automate more than the tracking and notification process, you will appreciate the features that Outvio provides compared to Paqato. Outvio includes all the functionalities that a growing eCommerce will need throughout the shipping and delivery process, boosting its productivity and efficiency beyond tracking and notifications.
Multi-store & Multi-branding
Advanced Fulfillment System
Ship orders with 80+ couriers
Branded Tracking page
Branded Tracking page with Smart Actions™
100% configurable notification emails with drag-and-drop editor
SMS order notifications
Solve most common shipping issues automatically
Fully branded self-service returns and exchanges portal
Advanced Analytics for all post-purchase processes
100+ KPIs to track
From €99/month (most functionality included)
<1 business day
Up to 10
Up to 10 only, billed separately
Limited, only returns
Only tracking, communication and returns
From €249/month
2-4 weeks
"Our logistics have improved because the shipping management is easier and we can use different carriers depending on the destination or type of order and always find the best shipping cost. We don´t have anything negative to say, the customer support is perfect."
5 Stars

"Glad to be working with Outvio"

Logistics manager in PuroEGO

8 reasons why eCommerces choose Outvio.

Online stores that only want to offer branded tracking and notifications can find a solution with both Outvio and Paqato. However, eCommerces that also want to unify their post-checkout operations and improve the ROI on software tools find that Outvio is a better and more complete solution against any alternative.

An all-in-one solution.

Paqato’s functionality revolves around online order tracking and notifications. With Paqato, eCommerces feel forced to use at least 2 or 3 additional software tools, increasing costs and causing inefficiencies. Outvio on the other hand centralizes all the post-purchase operations, from fulfilment to shipping, incident management, returns and exchanges and, of course, notifications and the best tracking page in the industry, in a single place.

Edit delivery notifications with ease.

Both Paqato and Outvio offer branded and automated delivery notifications via email or SMS. However, with Outvio, eCommerces have the additional advantage of being able to create and adapt these notifications on the go, using a powerful no-code built-in editor, without the need to contact anyone, saving time and money. This makes preparing new campaigns, promoting new launches and discounts and, ultimately, adapting communications, a piece of cake.
Message for shipment tracking for Skechers post-checkout

The best tracking page in the industry.

While it is true that both Paqato and Outvio have a branded tracking page, the page you get with Outvio is powered by Smart Actions™ to unlock a self-service purchasing experience where customers can manage and check their orders without contacting customer support. You can also add banners with products or campaigns and localize the tracking page to 30+ languages — without any added cost — to offer the best experience. With Paqato, you get a branded tracking page, but it comes with limitations regarding what your buyers can do, supported languages and, unlike Paqato’s, the tracking page you get with Outvio is fully customizable and functional regardless of which plan you are in.

Returns & exchanges.

Outvio offers a powerful, fully-branded and feature-rich returns and exchanges portal that can be completely customized to match the style of your eCommerce without making any compromises. It can also be localized to 30+ languages — without any additional cost —, supports exchanges and comes with powerful return & exchanges policy rules. Unlike Paqato, Outvio supports the whole return/exchange process, including creating the return label with 80+ couriers for an end-to-end experience.

Incident manager.

Outvio has a dedicated incident manager panel that shows you, in real-time, all shipments with incidents, what the issue is and provides tools to efficiently solve and know, at all times, the order status. This streamlines customer support so you can offer the best shopping experience to all your customers.


Since Paqato isn’t specialized in fulfilment, shipping, incident management or returns and exchanges on a big scale, their analytics are limited. Outvio, on the other hand, provides over 90 business-critical KPIs, about tracking and notifications, sure, but also about shipments, returns, exchanges and fulfillment.

Advanced Fulfillment system.

Outvio’s Advanced Fulfillment System is designed to help growing online stores become more efficient by automating tasks and reducing the chances of human errors. With Outvio, online stores can process orders fast and error-free thanks to on-screen picking lists and a system that ensures 100% correct orders every single time. Paqato has nothing like this. This is why, with Paqato, growing online stores have to develop or pay for an additional solution to cover this part.

A better ROI for your eCommerce.

If you run a growing eCommerce business, most CFOs welcome Outvio as an investment that makes sense. Unlike Paqato, with Outvio you can unify most of your post-checkout operations in a single tool. This translates into increased operation efficiency, lower training and implementation costs, shorter setup times and a clearly superior return on investment.
Outvio’s design and customization options are endless and continuously growing. Their email features have allowed us to reduce shipping issues by letting customers know where their parcels are at all times.
5 Stars

"The best shipping app!"


The Outvio Advantage.

As the volume of shipments increases, growing eCommerces seek to unify and expand their workflows, beyond notifications and tracking. Outvio is an excellent choice for online shops that are committed to growing their business through the power of personalized tracking and notifications. While knowing that they can unify all other processes like shipping, incident management, warehouse operations and returns and exchanges in a single place.

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