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Outvio vs. Rich Returns comparison.

Trying to decide between Rich Returns and Outvio? Discover the features that make Outvio the most comprehensive shipping and returns software on the market.

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Features That Make a Difference

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While we may be a bit biased, we have drawn upon our extensive industry expertise, to meticulously evaluate the key benefits and advantages of both platforms to provide you with an unbiased and objective assessment, empowering you to make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals.
Carrier integration without third-party solutions
Fulfillment and order processing system
Returns portal with branded store look and feel
Automatic exchanges for any other product
Custom return reasons
Product exchanges for multiple products
AI-powered cross-selling during the checkout process
Automatic shipping invoice verification
Tracking page with Smart Actions™
Incident management
Return analytics
Business analytics
Rich Returns
"After trying other alternatives we decided to trust in Outvio and we have never looked back. Outvio provides a much more complete solution, reducing the workload thanks to process automation and improving the post-payment experience for our clients."

"Outvio provides a much more complete solution"

Unai Gomez
CMO at FullGas

7 Unique Features Only Outvio Offers.

Outvio and Rich Returns are both great options for optimizing returns and exchanges in your store. However, Rich Returns is a specialized returns management software, so you'll need to integrate other solutions to get complete coverage for all your needs. Outvio, on the other hand, is a holistic platform that doesn't require any external integrations.

An all-in-one solution.

Rich Returns focuses exclusively on returns and exchanges, which can be a drawback for online stores looking for a comprehensive and consistent solution. On the other hand, Outvio is a one-stop shop: it covers all the post-purchase needs of an eCommerce. It includes integrations with couriers, order processing, customer service, exchanges and returns automation, fulfillment logistics, advanced analytics, and much more. With Outvio, any store can manage all post-purchase aspects of its business from a single platform, simplifying operations and reducing costs.

Returns and Exchanges Process With Revenue Plus™.

Outvio offers a more powerful, fully customizable, and feature-rich returns portal that 100% adapts to your eCommerce style without any compromises. Your customers can exchange items for any other (more expensive) product in your catalogue and if needed, pay instantly. Essentially turning your returns portal into a new checkout.

Advanced Fulfillment System and Shipping.

Rich Returns is only a returns management tool and does not have any order fulfillment features. However, online stores that switch to Outvio save 50% of their order processing time and receive 79% fewer customer service inquiries. Why? Because Outvio's Advanced Fulfillment System eliminates fulfillment errors and our flexible shipping rules make sure your orders are always delivered by the optimal courier automatically. Rich Returns on the other hand does not offer any tools to help you optimize your logistics beyond returns.


Outvio's HyperNotifications are one of the most advanced post-purchase customer messaging systems in the world. You can decide when and under what conditions to send fully customizable emails, WhatsApps, or SMS to your customers or carriers. This means, that while Rich Returns allows you to send only return notifications, Outvio provides you with a comprehensive communication channel that you can use as you wish at any point of the customer journey as a powerful recurring sales channel.

Incident Manager.

Outvio has a dedicated incident management dashboard that shows you all your shipments with incidents in real-time, along with the type of incident. It also gives you the tools you need to resolve these incidents and keep track of their status at all times. This automates a big part of ecommerce customer service tasks and helps online shops provide the best experience for all their shoppers. This is another functionality Rich Returns is lacking.

Tracking Page with Smart Actions™.

With Outvio, you can offer your customers the best tracking page on the market. Our Smart Actions™ and automations can drastically reduce your customer service workload and significantly improve the delivery experience. You can also customize the page to match your brand, add advertising banners, and it's available in over 30 languages.

Automation Rules.

Rich Returns rule system is quite comprehensive, but it's focused on returns and exchanges, leaving out other important aspects, such as courier selection for orders or product recommendations. With Outvio, you can automate all aspects of your post-purchase operations. Thanks to our automation rules, every decision you make will always be focused on profitability, be it by choosing the lowest shipping or return rates, offering store credit discount coupons to your most valuable customers, notifying your customers or carriers whenever necessary, or scheduling pickups at any of your warehouses.


Rich Returns only offers metrics for returns and exchanges. Outvio collects over 90 key performance indicators (KPIs) that are essential for any eCommerce, covering the most important strategic areas: shipping, returns, return reasons, exchanges, notifications, logistics, customer service, sales, incidents, and more.

Advantages of Outvio.

For eCommerce, it is crucial to offer the most complete and efficient shopping experience possible. Rich Returns can be a good option if you need to optimize returns and exchanges for a short period of time. However, as your business grows and other needs arise, you will need to keep optimizing your operations. This is where Outvio's features shine through, as it is the only 100% comprehensive tool on the market, designed specifically to boost the post-payment operations of any eCommerce from start to finish.

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