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Be in complete control of the messages your clients receive throughout the delivery journey. Trigger fully personalized and branded notifications at the right time in any language.
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Branded emails.

Send fully branded emails across all customer-journey touchpoints. Strengthen your brand image, provide a consistent delivery experience and take ownership of all tracking notifications.

Email editor.

Supercharge your marketing, customer experience and customer support teams with a drag-and-drop email editor to fully customize the layout and content of all email notifications. No pre-made templates nor relying on your (or third party) developers to create or update your emails. You have all the power and full control to update content and layout at will.

Promote and sell more.

Tracking emails sent with Outvio have an opening rate of over 91%. Turn those transactional emails into a powerful opportunity to promote and upsell your products, sections of your online store, enrolment to loyalty programs and more. Change what you promote and upsell seasonal products in a matter of minutes with our built-in editor and create your own branded emails.

Hyper-personalized delivery experience.

Use smart notification rules to offer a personalized delivery experience based on the type of buyer. Adjust the language, tone and design of your notifications, at every point of the delivery journey, depending on what customer you are reaching.

14 preconfigured contact points.

Reach customers across 14 pre-configured contact points. Additionally, set up an unlimited number of specific notification rules to fit individual requirements. So, no matter what happens with the delivery, you will keep your customers informed by sending the right automated message every time, saving hundreds of customer support hours every month.

The power of SMS.

SMS opening rate is over 97%. Send automated delivery notifications via SMS to all domestic and international buyers. Offer a more intimate delivery experience to those special customers. Communicate and upsell to those clients you can’t reach using email. No coding required.

WhatsApp your customers.

Reach your customers on their favorite communication channel. Send rich automated delivery notifications via WhatsApp, with your branding, engage your customers and set yourself apart from the competition. No coding required.
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Turn your ratings to 5 stars.

Automatically increase the number of positive reviews with the support of Outvio’s Review Booster®, to gather that 5 star review, every time. Never again ask for a review from a buyer who will likely rate your eCommerce negatively.


Send notifications in the right language to all clients. Swiss clients, for example, will receive notifications and interact with your brand in German, French, Italian or their prefered language, seamlessly.

Notifications analytics.

Obtain real-time information about how your customers interact with your eCommerce’s tracking notifications. Receive new insights on customer behavior to power up your post-checkout.
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Find out how to turn transactional notifications into a powerful marketing tool.

Branded emails
Enhance your branding with tailor made emails
Email editor
Fully personalize your notification emails without compromises
Upsell and promote
Promote your products while notifying customers of their delivery status
Review Booster
Always get 5 star reviews from satisfied customers only
Send SMS notifications to your customers so they are always informed
Notify customers on their preferred platform. Reach them wherever they are
Hyper personalized experience
Personalize the communication based on customer types
14 preconfigured points
Trigger notifications on every possible event throughout the delivery
Notification analytics
Get insights on the performance of your notifications

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