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17 Best Return Management Softwares for eCommerce (2024)

Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez
Feb 29, 2024
eCommerce Return Management Software

Choosing the best return management software for your eCommerce business is crucial to ensuring a cost-effective and customer-centric process. However, the decision between different tools can be complex and requires time and research. To help you in this process, we have used our industry knowledge to create the most comprehensive list of the best return management software and solutions.

Why do you need returns management software in eCommerce?

Returns are a natural part of the ecommerce business, but without proper management, they can become a significant obstacle to profitability and customer satisfaction. 

According to data from Axios, the cost of returning a $50 item can reach $33 for an ecommerce business. This means that, in addition to losing a sale, the return itself can cause you to lose money, negatively impacting your bottom line.

Implementing returns management software in your ecommerce business allows you to streamline and simplify this process for both you and your customers. This translates into a positive impact on the profitability of your business, as it not only minimizes costs and resources but also adds value to the customer experience. In fact, Nice assures that 81% of consumers say they prefer to self-manage their purchases and returns through specialized portals.

Benefits of Integrating the Returns Management Software:

  • Improves customer satisfaction: A fast, simple, and transparent returns process generates a positive experience that builds customer loyalty.
  • Strengthens your brand reputation: Offering a flexible and efficient returns policy positions you as a reliable company committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces logistical and operational costs: Automating returns management tasks optimizes your team's time and resources.
  • Increases sales and revenue: A positive returns experience can turn an unsatisfied customer into a repeat buyer
  • Gain valuable insights into your customers' behavior: Analyzing the reasons for returns allows you to identify areas for improvement in your product or delivery service.

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17 best return management software for eCommerce

1. Outvio

Outvio, best return management software in U.S.

Outvio is the leading returns and exchanges management tool for eCommerce and online stores. The platform automates the entire returns flow from start to finish, increasing profitability, lowering costs and providing buyers with a hyper-personalized experience that fosters loyalty and recurring sales.

The solution stands out for its comprehensive set of advanced features in addition to providing a flexible personalised self-service returns and exchanges portal, including:

  • Built-in flow to promote exchanges instead of returns
  • Store credit and gift card returns
  • Exchanges for higher-value and multiple items
  • Check-out (payment) directly in the returns portal to enable additional purchases
  • Flexible return rules, custom return reasons and exception handling
  • Both local and international return label creation

In addition to industry-leading returns and exchanges management, Outvio also helps to optimise all the other aspects of the post-purchase flow, including:

  • Synchronization with multiple sales channels
  • Fulfillment and order preparation optimisation and automation
  • Direct integration with over 80 carriers and shipping label printing
  • Preconfigured shipping rules
  • Branded tracking for both deliveries and returns
  • Automated customer notifications via email, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Automatic courier incident handling
  • Support desk functionality for customer service management

At a technological level, Outvio shines for being the first holistic post-purchase software that offers best-in-class functionality in all the mentioned areas and thus enables unifying all post-purchase operations in a single platform, leading to great synergies and efficiencies. It also incorporates cutting-edge AI-powered automation and the most user-friendly user interface among its peers.

Features that make the difference:

Hyper-notifications: Create advanced marketing campaigns with precise segmentation, reaching specific audiences at the right time. Promote products, solve shipping problems and retain your customers constantly.

AI-powered automation rules: Automate returns resolution, order management, refunds, product changes, store credits and much more. Maximize your business efficiency with state-of-the-art automation.

Returns portal with Revenue Plus: Offer your customers an automated returns portal with instant payments. Allow them to control the entire returns process, choose replacement products and receive personalized recommendations to boost additional sales.

Global integration for post-purchase operations: Outvio is not just a returns management tool, it is a comprehensive solution for post-purchase management in general. Automate your entire post-checkout process, from order fulfillment to returns and advanced sales analytics.

2. Loop Returns

loop returns, return management solution for ecommerce

Loop Returns is a comprehensive returns management software. Buyers can conveniently initiate return processes through a digital portal. It boasts compelling features such as product exchanges, analytics, and automation rules. In terms of customization, it allows the incorporation of the business logo into the return process and enables the modification of text fonts.


  • Returns portal
  • Notification system
  • Automation rules
  • Exchange management

3. Rich Returns

rich return software

Rich Returns is a returns management platform specifically designed for Shopify merchants. It improves the returns process for both customers and businesses by making it simpler and more efficient to process returns.


  • Return portal for customers¬†
  • Provides reports
  • Generates return authorizations

4. ReturnGo

returngo software

ReturnGo is a returns and reverse logistics management software system specifically designed for mid-sized online stores. It helps you automate RMA requests and streamline their resolution process through various features.


  • Automated returns portal
  • Notification system
  • Analytics

5. Return Logic

return logic software management

Return Logic is a return management software for eCommerce. It helps businesses automate and streamline their return process, from generating return labels to processing refunds. Overall, Return Logic is a good option for eCommerce businesses that are looking for an affordable and reliable return management solution. `


  • Return Portal
  • Rates with USPS
  • Automation functionalities

6. AfterShip Returns

aftership software

Aftership Returns is a tool that provides tracking services and automated status updates for customer returns. It is part of the Aftership brand, and additional components need to be seamlessly integrated for a complete experience.


  • Integration of additional modules
  • In-box return label service
  • Returns portal

7. Happy Returns

happy returns software

Happy Returns is renowned for its extensive network of physical return hubs, offering customers the convenience of in-person product returns. This eCommerce return management software is a product of PayPal and has gained widespread popularity in the United States for its innovative return system. 


  • Efficient manual handling of returns
  • Robust language localization capabilities
  • physical collection points

8. Yayloh

yayloh software

Yayloh is a returns management platform highly popular among fashion eCommerce businesses. It boasts a set of intriguing features such as a returns portal, notifications, and automation rules. On the downside, we find its analytics dashboard somewhat limited, as it only includes 20 KPIs.


  • Returns Portal
  • Analytics
  • Integration with Sales Channels

9. Optoro

optoro software

Optoro is an effective returns management software when it comes to handling eCommerce inventories. You can seamlessly integrate various sales channels, including marketplaces, and process RMA requests with greater ease. The tool features an automated portal and notification system to enhance the buyer's experience.


  • Returns Portal
  • Automations
  • RMA Request Evaluation

10. Rebound

rebound returns management platform

Rebound is one of the top returns management software options when it comes to handling international returns. Its returns portal is straightforward to navigate, capable of processing requests with various carriers. You can translate the return process seamlessly. Additionally, it features an analytics system and tracking service.


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Return Request Import
  • Tracking and Notifications

11. ReverseLogix

reverselogix return management software

ReverseLogix is a reverse logistics platform with built-in software. It is a particularly valuable tool for overseeing the logistical aspecto of return management, as well as the recycling or reconditioning of items.


  • Carrier Management
  • Sync with Stock and Inventories
  • Monitoring of the Reverse Supply Chain

12. Reveni

reveni software

Reveni is a returns software specializing in refund advances. The solution facilitates prompt reimbursement to customers by advancing payments to stores. These payments are to be returned with interest by the online merchant. It also allows for the import and processing of return requests and printing of the corresponding label.


  • Return Portal
  • Refund Advance
  • Instant Refund

13. Retino

retino software

Retino is a returns software designed for novice stores, specializing in warranty management. Your customer can initiate returns through their portal, choosing the carrier and pickup location that suits them best. While it integrates with some carriers, you may need to connect your own through an external aggregator if you wish to work with them.


  • Analytics
  • Refund Processing
  • Self-Service Portal

14. Return Prime

return prime software

Return Prime is another application specialized in returns management for Shopify stores. One of the strengths of this solution is its 24/7 support service and a multilingual returns process. Although it is somewhat lacking in features, you can connect it with other systems and technological software. Recommended if you have just created your first store on Shopify and need to manage few returns in foreign countries.


  • Returns portal
  • Returns tracking
  • Multilingual

15. 12Returns

12 returns software

12Returns provides a comprehensive returns management system, complete with a portal, rules, and notifications. This ensures you can offer your customers a higher quality experience. However, it may not have integration with a sufficient number of carriers, and you might need to use an external aggregator.


  • Notifications
  • Automation Rules
  • Customer Portal

16. Returnista

returnista software

Returnista is a return label printing and request validation software designed for online stores. Buyers can print the return label and include it in the package. Additionally, you can schedule pickups with carriers to streamline reverse shipments.


  • Order Importation
  • Label Printing
  • Analytics System

17. Returnless

returnless platform

Returnless provides an intuitive interface for you to effectively manage your business's return requests. It offers a returns portal, automation rules, and returns analytics. The software can also be synchronized with your content manager and your fulfillment provider. It has a strong presence in the UK and the Netherlands.


  • Returns portal
  • Return order import
  • Refund automation

Key Features for a successful returns management

  • Automatic RMA Management: The software should automatically manage return requests, allowing you to view conditions and make decisions in real time.
  • Return Label Printing: The software should allow you to quickly and easily print return labels for customers.
  • Integration between Carriers and eCommerce: It is crucial to choose software with pre-existing integrations to avoid additional developments. Lack of integration may require external connectors.
  • Automation Rules: Rules allow you to process returns based on specific criteria, such as discounts, carrier assignment, and validation based on return reasons.
  • Customizable Returns Portal: Offer customers a convenient process where they can enter their credentials, choose products, and follow instructions to manage returns.
  • Automatic Exchanges: Favoring exchanges over returns allows you to retain revenue and stimulate additional sales. The software should allow free product changes.
  • Product Recommendations: Offer attractive deals during the return process for customers to add new items to the cart, increasing the transaction value.
  • Return Tracking and Notifications: Informing the buyer about the progress of a return provides confidence and minimizes their anxiety. This is essential for improving the perception of your business once the transaction is complete.

If you choose incomplete returns management software, you will likely need to integrate additional solutions to fill the gaps, which will increase the total cost of the initial proposal.

What's the difference between returns solution and shipping software with returns functionality?

The proliferation of SaaS tools and technological solutions makes it increasingly difficult to differentiate one software from another. In eCommerce management, it is vital to distinguish between shipping software with returns processing capabilities and truly specialized software.

Truly specialized returns management software must guarantee total flexibility in returns management, including:

  • Product exchanges for other catalog items
  • Store credit coupon strategies
  • Instantaneous collection of the price difference for the exchanged product

It is very common for label printing tools to promise comprehensive returns management, and due to the opacity of the sector, many businesses end up signing annual contracts, only to realize that the tool does not meet their needs.This can be extremely negative, as it indefinitely paralyzes the growth of your online store.

Outvio is one of the few platforms capable of guaranteeing total, effective, and seamless processing of all the post-purchase stages. Before signing a contract with any alternative, we strongly recommend you contact our experts for a free demo.

How to choose the best eCommerce return solution

When it comes to making a well-informed decision in choosing the best eCommerce return solution, take the following guidance into account:

Hidden costs

There exist two categories of eCommerce return management softwares: those capable of generating shipping labels independently and those that necessitate integration with third-party resources.

Selecting an application that demands integration can potentially increase your expenses since you'll essentially be paying for two separate services. Conversely, a comprehensive, standalone application typically proves to be more cost-efficient and effective.


An application with limited functionalities carries a substantial opportunity cost. As your business expands and your current tool becomes inadequate, you might find yourself needing to transition to a more suitable application.

Furthermore, a lack of features could potentially deter customers from exploring valuable options. For instance, opting for a tool that lacks 100% automated exchanges, such as Sendcloud, might encourage many customers to opt for direct refunds.

Pro Tip:

The most effective way to determine whether a software delivers on its promises is by examining its integration portfolio. If you find that a shipping or returns tool has integration with a similar alternative, it's likely they are incomplete and do not fulfill their promised functionalities.

How to monetize returns management software: advanced use cases

While the primary goal of returns management software is to provide an automated and cost-effective returns process for your store, these tools have evolved into sales channels.

Effective strategies you can implement by integrating the returns management software:

  • Make the most of the software's capabilities to display carrier options based on the customer's location, while minimizing shipping costs.
  • Use the software's analytics features to identify which products have a higher return rate. Implement specific strategies to reduce these returns and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Personalize return conditions based on the reason. For example, you can ask your customers to upload a photo of the product when selecting a return for damage and minimize fraud cases.
  • Incentivize customers who have made returns by offering them discount coupons for their next purchase. This not only fosters customer loyalty but also drives future sales.
  • Customize return processing fees based on criteria such as the number of items to be returned, the customer, the selected method, and others. This allows you to tailor policies to your business needs.
  • Promote products throughout the order or return process based on your customer's purchase criteria.
  • Connect with carriers worldwide without investing tens of thousands of euros in integrations.

Please note that you can only perform the following practices if you integrate the latest returns management technology, such as Outvio's software. Request a demo from our experts.

Prices and subscription costs: Comparative Table for 2024

Software Price Tool Description
Outvio Starting at 125$ per month AI-Powered Post-checkout optimization: shipping, exchanges, returns, marketing, and carriers
Loop Return Starting at 29$ per month Automation of return requests through a digital portal
Rich Returns Starting at 19$ per month Integrable portal and manual returns request automation in Shopify
ReturnGo Starting at 121$ per month Automation of return requests through a digital portal
ReturnLogic Starting at 299$ per month Automation of return requests through a digital portal
AfterShip Returns Starting at 19$ o per month Tracking tool with a specific module for returns management
Happy Returns Custom Pricing Software with physical pick-up points in the US territory
Yayloh Custom Pricing RMA request automation for online clothing businesses
Optoro Custom Pricing Return software with inventory management functionalities
Rebound Custom Pricing Return management software for international shipping
ReverseLogix Custom Pricing Software for reverse supply chain logistics management
Reveni Custom Pricing Instant refunds processing and advances for stores and customers
Retino Starting at 15$ o per month Automation of return requests through a digital portal
Return Prime Starting at 20$ o per month Application specialized in returns management for Shopify stores
12 Return Custom Pricing Automation of return requests through a digital portal
Returnista Starting at 99$ per month Return management solution with digital portal and label printing functionalities
Returnless Starting at 69$ per month Return management software with a strong presence in the UK and the Netherlands.


After considering these insights, you can now determine which returns solution software aligns best with the requirements of your store. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind to ensure the selection of a genuinely valuable tool.

Taking these factors into consideration and evaluating the optimization of various aspects, Outvio emerges as the top choice for an eCommerce returns management software in terms of the value it provides. It distinguishes itself with its comprehensive feature set and complete autonomy, eliminating the need for integration with external solutions.

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