The 10 best CRM software systems on the market in 2022

Mariluz Sampalo

Mariluz Sampalo

May 19, 2022

best crm software systems

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  • In this article, we share the 10 best CRM software systems for companies.

    Choosing the best CRM software is key to increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty since it allows companies to manage customer relations automatically and efficiently. This is possible thanks to the centralization of the workflow and customers’ information that a CRM achieves. The data gathered can later be used to add value to the user experience.

    If you don’t use CRM software yet, you may be missing out on a great opportunity for growth.

    Read our list and discover the best CRM software systems available in 2022.

    Discover the 10 best CRM software systems on the market

    1. Outvio

    Although not a CRM system per se, Outvio is an advanced solution for post-checkout operations management in eCommerce. Outvio creates a flexible and intelligent work environment that helps online stores optimize their processes: from customer service to order fulfilment or branding. Create a unique shopping experience for your customers, while alleviating costs and optimizing and accelerating eCommerce tasks.

    outvio post checkout tool for ecommerce


    • Advanced ticketing system for faster and flawless shipping issue resolution
    • International shipping, returns and customer service
    • Customization features to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty

    2. Salesforce

    Salesforce has been one of the best CRM software options on the market for years. Salesforce centralizes all customer information to provide immediate access to it. This makes interdepartmental coordination and communication easier and more efficient. Additional functionalities can be utilized through the installation of modules like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Platform.


    • Modules to expand functionalities
    • Adaptable and flexible cloud system
    • Easy to use, without much training necessary

    3. Pipedrive

    If you’re also looking to improve how the sales department interacts with potential customers, Pipedrive has a specialized CRM for that. You can obtain sales forecasts, follow up with prospects or automate email marketing campaigns. This is a good alternative for SMEs that want to improve their sales process and customer service.

    pipedrive is a software system that can be used to manage customer relations and leads


    • More traceability throughout the sales flow
    • It has a mobile application
    • Cloud environment with more than 150 installable applications

    4. Zoho CRM

    Zoho is one of the best free CRM software systems. This platform can be used for companies of all sizes, though it’s more oriented to smaller teams, making it a great option for businesses without many resources that want to provide quality customer service.


    • Automate tasks such as marketing, sales and customer service
    • Support available in different languages

    5. Sage CRM

    Sage includes high-tech functionalities to automate processes in sales, marketing and customer service and unify them in a single workflow. With Sage, tracking leads and customers is much easier.


    • Automatic update of customer records in the sales funnel
    • Overview of the sales cycle
    • Customer information analysis

    6. Microsoft Dynamics

    Microsoft Dynamics is a high-performance ERP software for customer relations management. As with any ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics provides management tools for all areas of a company, from marketing and customer service to production and the supply chain. However, using Microsoft Dynamics requires certain technical knowledge, and its price is considerably higher than that of other options.

    microsoft dynamics is a complete erp software that can be used for managing customer relations


    • Optimize the entire operation of a business
    • Highly adaptable to business needs
    • Constantly updated

    7. Netsuite

    Another CRM software to know about is Netsuite. This cloud solution is suitable for omnichannel businesses, since it’s a very comprehensive and adaptable tool.


    • Centralize leads and prospects for management
    • Speed up interaction between customers and help desk workers
    • Traceability of the product from its production to sale

    8. Sugar

    Sugar is a complete CRM software used to unify sales, marketing and customer service, improving the performance across the different departments. This CRM is easy to use, which makes it perfect for small businesses and employees that are still building their communication processes. The downside of Sugar is that its functionalities are more limited than those offered by other platforms.


    • Ease to use
    • Wide variety of plans and prices

    9. Base

    Base combines functionalities for sales and customer service. Its interface is designed to work across desktop and mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones. Control your sales flow conveniently with this Zendesk tool. You can learn more about it in this article.


    • It uses geolocation for more precise customer management
    • Synchronize all contact information in a single database
    • Lower price point than other options

    10. Hubspot

    Hubspot is a CRM software program specialized in the inbound methodology. The philosophy of the brand is to train organizations to track customer behavior throughout the entire sales funnel. In this way, the company can implement actions based on the needs extracted from Hubspot. For example, by adjusting the services offered in the post-sales stage.

    hubspot crm software for businesses invested in customer service


    • Inbound-marketing campaigns management
    • Department connection (sales, customer service and marketing)
    • Intuitive interface

    Best CRM software systems: review

    CRM softwareLowest monthly feeFree version
    Microsoft Dynamics€42.20YES

    FAQ about the best CRM software systems

    What is the best CRM software for a small business?

    Pipedrive and Zoho are two great CRM options for midsize businesses, since they are not as expensive and complex to integrate as some others.

    What is the best free CRM software?

    The free version of Hubspot is one of the most popular options among many companies.

    What is the best CRM software for startups?

    Sugar is a CRM designed to facilitate client management for startups.