What customer relations are and how to optimize them

Mariluz Sampalo

Mariluz Sampalo

May 6, 2022

customer service from an online store with its customers

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  • Customer relations play a decisive role in customer loyalty, and the relationship between a brand and its buyers.

    Making sure your customers feel comfortable interacting with you is vital to building strong and lasting relationships. However, this is easier said than done, as today’s consumers are extremely demanding when it comes to the shopping experience. Any mistake can lead to cart  abandonment or the total loss of a customer.

    So, how can you improve your relationship with customers? In this article, we give you the keys to it.

    What are customer relations?

    Customer relations are the bond between a brand and its buyers. Customer relations can be used as a marketing strategy to acquire and retain customers.

    Traditionally, the customer has been at the center of business strategies. However, to foster loyalty and attract valuable customers that will purchase and repeat, it’s necessary to deeply segment all communication channels. In this way, you’ll be able to offer personalized service that adds value to the entire shopping experience.

    Benefits of good customer relations

    • Less friction caused by miscommunications
    • Increases the customer's lifetime value
    • More satisfied customers
    • Better brand image
    • More customer attraction
    customer relations can improve the performance of a business and the satisfaction of customers

    What is the customer lifecycle?

    The lifecycle of the customer comprises of all the phases in which the user is in communication —direct or indirect— with a company. The phases are as follows:

    • Knowledge. This is the first contact that a customer has with the brand
    • Acquisition. Products are presented to the customer
    • Conversion. These are the strategies used to make the potential customer purchase
    • Loyalty. At this stage, all post-sales actions aim to provide added value to the customer to reintroduce them to the sales cycle over and over
    • Reactivation. When past customers are targeted with new strategies to attract them

    Types of customer relations

    Personal relationships

    Personal relationships are those interactions that take place between a member of your company and a customer. These relationships, which can occur physically and digitally, make up the first spontaneous communication.

    The needs of today's consumers are pushing big brands to create omni-channel communication strategies to accommodate the habits of current society.

    Exclusive personal relationships

    Exclusive relationships occur whenever communication is personalized. It could be said that ideally, all relationships with customers should be personalized. However, the cost of personalizing all communications is not always profitable. For instance, it can be necessary to filter out users who aren’t interested in the brand.


    These unilateral communications are commonly seen in eCommerce, since larger online stores tend to rely on advanced software solutions to improve the customer's shopping experience without being physically present.

    Outvio's returns portal allows your customers to manage their returns in an autonomous way, without contacting you or needing to drop the products at a post office. Customize it with your branding and include marketing strategies and questions to find out what went wrong during the sale.


    Many digital businesses use automation to schedule automatic responses to certain questions or queries. This considerably reduces the workload in the customer service department thanks to CRMs or help desks.


    This type of communication refers to the interaction between the brand, as a collective, to the customers or potential customers as a whole. They can be newsletters, social media posts, or even the branding and advertisements themselves.

    5 tips to improve customer relations

    1. Educate your employees

    Apart from technical skills and tools, your employees should be trained to provide the best customer service.

    2. Be useful

    Fast and effective resolution of customers’ queries will position you as a brand that takes care of its customers. Offer proactive help and prevent situations where customers may feel forced to contact you.

    3. Speed up response times

    An immediate response is a highly demanded value nowadays. If you want the relationship with your customer to be optimal, you’ll need to rely on IT solutions that help you streamline the communication process as much as possible.

    4. Personalize all interactions

    Personalized attention always wins over plain messages. If you want to catch your customers’ attention and win their love, personalize your interactions with them. For this, you’ll need a customers’ database or some kind of system to keep track of their interests, problems, situation, and so on.

    5. Use loyalty programs

    Loyalty programs have a great impact when it comes to customer retention. It’s quite logical since all loyalty is based on effective communication.

    Perfect the relationship with customers using Outvio

    Outvio is a post-sales management tool designed for online stores looking to optimize their communication with customers.

    Centralize your operations in a single interface and automate notification messages about the status and location of the parcel, preventing questions and reducing the workload in customer support.

    All this is customized with your branding to offer a unique post-sales experience to your customers.

    FAQ about customer relations

    What’s the difference between customer service and customer relations?

    Customer relations is the communication and interaction between a brand and its customers, while customer service revolves around all the tasks carried out by the company to fulfill customers’ needs and questions.

    What relationship should you have with customers?

    A good relationship with the customer should cover all their needs while improving their experience through added value.

    What matters most in customer relations?

    Two of the factors that customers value most are customization and personalized interactions. Knowing when and how to contact them is one of the keys to success when building loyalty.