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Shopify Returns & Exchanges.

Increase customer satisfaction with fully automated Shopify returns, exchanges and one-click refunds that help you retain revenue and boost sales.
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Returns and Exchanges
Manage all your Shopify returns, exchanges and refunds from a single place. Put your Shopify returns and exchanges on auto-pilot and increase sales.
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Fully-Branded Self-Service
Allow your customers to return or exchange products on your fully-branded self-service portal based on 100% customizable return policies.
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Returns and Exchanges Rules
Define returns and exchanges rules, set specific triggers and logics for special products, promote exchanges and in-store credit over returns and refunds.
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Turn your returns into new revenue like magic.

Convert your Returns and Exchanges portal into a new checkout and use it to sell more. Generate additional revenue from your Returns and Exchanges by allowing customers to browse alternative products, add as many products as they want to their exchange request, and complete the checkout and payment right in the Returns and Exchanges portal.

Shopify returns management software that goes beyond returns and exchanges.

Outvio’s Shopify app is the only All-In-One platform that unifies all post-checkout operations for your eCommerce. From order processing and printing shipping labels, fully-branded and interactive tracking pages and delivery notifications via email, SMS and WhatsApp to incident management and eCommerce analytics. And, of course, your very own returns and exchanges.

Fully-branded, tailor-made returns and exchanges portal.

Enable your customers to return or exchange products without the need to contact your customer support team. Outvio offers the most versatile, most customizable return and exchanges for Shopify. Impress your customers with fully editable components, translate to 30+ languages and implement any return policy you could ever wish for with the click of a button.

Never lose a sale again: Promote exchanges.

Transform what could have been a lost customer into a pleasant experience that contributes to your growth and fosters loyalty by promoting Shopify exchanges. Show real-time product availability and allow your customers to quickly choose another size, color or product variant in a couple of clicks.

Minimize store refunds: Promote in-store credit.

When it comes to your Shopify online store, offering in-store credit instead of refunds can be a game-changer. By choosing this approach, you minimize revenue loss and maintain profitability. Moreover, your customers can use the credit to make additional purchases, boosting your sales and fostering loyalty. With in-store credit, you encourage customers to explore more products, opening doors to upselling opportunities. Prioritize a seamless shopping experience and personalized service to retain customers and ensure long-term success for your store.

Create Shopify exchange orders automatically.

By connecting to Outvio, you can automate the creation of new orders based on customer exchange requests. Not only will Outvio generate the new order automatically, but it will make sure it gets shipped at the right time.

The most flexible Shopify return policies.

Choose from an existing list of return or exchange reasons, or add your own. Set specific triggers and requirements such as requesting a picture when the reason is “broken item”, provide free shipping for an exchange, allow the customer to keep the item if the value is below a certain amount...the possibilities are endless. Outvio’s Returns and Exchanges Policies adapt to both emerging eCommerces with simple operations as well as leading brands with thousands of international returns and exchanges per month.

Returns and Exchanges notifications with your branding.

Keep your customers updated on their return or exchange with emails, SMSs and/or WhatsApps that are fully branded. Set up, personalize and update your notifications in a couple of minutes with a drag-and-drop editor or create new ones based on specific triggers. Automatically notify your customers through their preferred channels and utilize the power of delivery notifications to generate more engagement and sales.

Pick-up and drop-off returns with 80+ couriers.

Give your customers unparalleled flexibility and convenience with Outvio's comprehensive features for handling returns on Shopify. Outvio gives you access to 80+ couriers and a vast network of 400,000 drop-off locations seamlessly integrated into your Shopify store. With Outvio, you can print return labels directly with any of your couriers, eliminating the need for third-party tools and simplifying the returns process, saving you and your customers valuable time and money. Choose Outvio's Shopify returns management system to provide a seamless and efficient returns experience for both you and your customers.

Combine returns from multiple sales channels.

Outvio connects your Shopify or Shopify Plus store with all your other sales channels in a single place. Offer the same great returns and exchanges experience and manage all post-checkout operations across all your sales channels in Outvio.
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Returns with Shopify do not need to be limited and time-consuming.

Automate your Shopify returns management and create a straightforward and branded returns and exchanges experience that fosters customer loyalty and contributes to smart resource allocation.
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