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Incident management.

Tackle shipping incidents on autopilot and save time by reducing manual processes and enable customers to self-manage possible delivery issues and delays.
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Visual element of post-checkout eCommerce platform Outvio
Shipping management of post-checkout eCommerce platform Outvio

All orders, shipments and incidents in one place.

Get real-time updates on all your shipments and solve any issues rapidly, all from one platform. Get ahead of the curve and solve shipping incidents before customers are aware of it. A real asset for any and all eCommerce customer support teams.
Incident management of post-checkout eCommerce tool Outvio

Powerful Incidents manager.

No matter how many couriers are being used, no matter how many orders are being processed - your customer support will love the fact they can have all the incidents from all of them in one single place for easy management.

Trigger support notifications on auto-pilot.

Solve most common incidents on auto-pilot by triggering the right email at the right time automatically when a qualifying incident occurs with any shipment. These notifications will guide customers step-by-step on what actions to take, reducing the workload of Customer Support significantly.
Incident management and customer support for Planeta Huerto

Save hundreds of hours a month.

Facilitate the work of the customer support team with the most advanced incident resolution management tool in the market. By easily and automatically resolving the most occurring issues, the whole department will be able to focus on tasks where a human touch is needed. As a result, the overall speed, efficiency and quality of the customer service will improve dramatically.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Outvio monitors courier tracking statuses in real time. If there is any issue, Outvio will automatically notify your customer support in real time, before your customer even knows there is an issue, so if it requires human intervention, you can resolve it in a timely manner.

Integrate third-party apps like Zendesk.

Super-power your customer support agents, with real-time information regarding incidents, order status, order location, and more - directly inside Zendesk.
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All in one place
Manage all incidents in one platform
Automatic support emails
Trigger automatic emails to go out at the right time
Real-time incidence monitoring
Solve incidents faster with real-time data
Save hundreds of hours
Greatly reduce the customer support workload
Be proactive not reactive
Solve incidents as soon as they happen
Integrate third-party apps
Connect Outvio to your preferred third-party apps

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