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DHL for eCommerce in the UK: Guide for online shops

Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez
Mar 7, 2022
DHL ecommerce shipping for shops in the UK

DHL’s eCommerce service is one of the most effective ways to ensure timely and quality deliveries for deliveries from online shops in the UK to its customers.

DHL is a shipping company of German origin that is known worldwide. Its main differential value is a great cross-border shipping service for eCommerce and online shops. The company takes care of everything so that your packages arrive without incident or damage to their final recipients.

In this guide, we tell you how to start shipping with DHL through Outvio, and the advantages it has for eCommerce businesses. You will also find detailed information about its three big services: DHL Parcel, DHL Express, and DHL Global Mail.

Advantages of shipping with DHL as an online shop

  • Dedicated services for the particular needs of companies and end customers
  • A large number of exclusive services for eCommerce businesses
  • Reverse logistic service with at-home collection
  • Mobile application for tracking
  • Customized logistics advice
  • The maximum weight of packages goes up to 3000kg
  • Mass mailing service
  • Management of digital customs documentation
  • Different options of tariff payments

DHL shipping rates for online shops

Before starting to analyze the different DHL shipping services for eCommerce, we find it convenient to talk a little about their shipping rates.

When you make a shipment with DHL, the shipping company determines the rates based on the weight, the level of urgency, and the destination of the package.

Online shops normally come to an agreement with a shipping company to get fixed shipping rates and conditions.

If you work with several couriers, we recommend centralizing your shipping, tracking, and return processes with Outvio to save costs, and optimize your internal processes and the purchasing experience for your customers.


DHL Parcel shipping

DHL Parcel shipments are available domestically and internationally. The maximum weight for these are 31.5kg per package and shipment. The delivery time changes depending on the destination:

  • 1 working day for shipments within the UK
  • 2 - 3 working days for shipments within Europe
  • 2 - 6 working days for shipments across the world

DHL Parcel can be used for B2B shipments and B2C shipments, like those created when an online shop ships items to customers.

DHL Express shipping

DHL Express shipments are available domestically and internationally. The maximum weight for these are 70kg per package and shipment. The delivery time changes depending on the destination:

  • Domestic DHL Express shipments: 1 working day
  • Domestic DHL shipments within Europe: 1 working day
  • DHL Express shipments across the world: 1 - 3 working days

DHL Parcel can be used for B2B shipments and B2C shipments, like those created when an online shop ships items to customers.

DHL Global Mail

DHL Global Mail is an international postal service that DHL offers with Deutsche Post, to ship light parcels in bulk anywhere in the world.

This service is oriented to small packages. To optimize and make better use of the available space, distribution channels are designed to reduce costs and, therefore, offer lower rates.

When you make a shipment with DHL Global Mail, the company collects all the parcels that you want to ship and passes them to the international operator, Deutsche Post, in Frankfurt. From Germany, Deutsche Post classifies and ships the parcels to the different local couriers for their final delivery.

DHL services in the UK for eCommerce

Delivery services catalog

  • Neutral delivery: Allows you to hide the value of the product from the recipient.
  • Deliveries for individuals: The receiver of the package will be informed at all times of the shipment’s status through emails or SMS.
  • Deliveries at Service Point: Service Points are collection points provided by DHL Express. Customers can select them at the final process of the purchase or from the On Demand Delivery service.
  • Delivery with the signature of the recipient: For confidential or valuable documents that will be handed directly to the final recipient.
  • Special delivery: For those shipments that require a special vehicle due to extraordinary circumstances.

DHL tracking service 

You can digitally track each shipment through the DHL tracking portal. You only need to enter the code that the shipping company gives you once you process the shipment.

Additionally, if you connect DHL with Outvio, you’ll be able to centralize all your couriers and track all shipments from a single page, avoiding third-party websites.

DHL returns for eCommerce

DHL Express enables returns with collection at the customer's convenience. This means that buyers only need to print a shipping label or packing slip and choose the collection point that best suits them. They can also take the package to any DHL Express office.

DHL Express has one of the most efficient reverse logistics services out there that work for domestic and international returns. The courier will go to the collection point chosen by the customer, and DHL will take care of the reverse shipment - together with customs management, if necessary.

Ship with DHL through Outvio 

One of the most effective ways to work with any shipping company is by using Outvio. This tool allows the integration of dozens of couriers to make shipping, tracking, and returns as automated as possible.

Benefit from advanced after-sales functionalities to create a unique shopping experience and build customer loyalty.

FAQ about DHL 

What does DHL stand for?

The initials ‘DHL’ represent the founders of this shipping company: Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn.

What is DHL Paperless Trade?

DHL's Paperless Trade service allows you to manage all customs documentation digitally so you don't have to spend time generating physical documents. Send all the paperwork to DHL via the internet and speed up the process of shipping to other countries

What is DHL On Demand Delivery?

This order management service allows customers to track their packages at all times and schedule other types of deliveries.

On a logistics level, it reduces shipping issues related to absences, wrong addresses, or misunderstandings with couriers.

What is DHL Service Point?

They are strategic points for the collection and delivery of packages by DHL. These collection points are intended to make pickups and deliveries more flexible and convenient, as well as efficient.

What is the difference between DHL Parcel and Express?

DHL Parcel is responsible for the land transport of goods, and DHL Express is for air transport.

Is it possible to modify DHL deliveries?

Yes, DHL Parcel and DHL Express shipments deliveries can be changed through the Delivery On Demand website or app.

What delivery options does DHL Global Mail have?

DHL Global Mail's delivery options depend on the local courier in charge of the final distribution of the parcels.

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