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Bybebé is ahead of its competition with an efficient order and return process adapted to its logistics process.

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"The tool is exceptional. Going back to how we worked before isn’t an option anymore."

After 25 years helping new mothers with the care of their babies, Bybebé has become one of the most important maternity brands in Portugal. With various sales channels, both physical and digital, and an innovative product catalog, this family business is experiencing a period of great expansion.


Due to the growing demand, at Bybebé they soon realized the impact of the logistics process on their business: they wanted to reduce the time spent preparing orders to improve customer service and minimize costs. Once the needs were defined, they knew that the best way to manage them was by integrating Outvio with their operations.


"Having all the orders sorted and classified saves us a lot of time and allows us to get an idea of ​​the amount of work we have ahead of us, which also improves the planning. Filters and mass order picking speed up our daily work."

Bybebé also saw the value in Outvio's options to create a return process that is attractive and efficient. Thanks to the flexibility of the returns and exchanges portal, buyers can manage their own return and select what works best for them, all according to the rules set by the store. This makes the returns process a strategy that strengthens the brand and retains more customers.

"The returns and exchanges portal is one of the improvements that is most liked among our clients. The user only needs to add their email and access a panel in which to manage their return. We also send notifications to inform the client during the course of the process. Our clients are the most important thing to us."

Daily order management time

As a result of this operational improvement, employees have become much more efficient, increasing productivity and eliminating wasteful expenses.


All this allows Bybebé to invest resources in other tasks that are more interesting for its growth, such as the acquisition of new clients or a future international expansion.

Thanks to Outvio, the work environment has improved in practically all of our departments. The investment in Outvio pays for itself. We highly recommend it.


"We are convinced that Outvio is the perfect companion"

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