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Discover how Bulevip, the marketplace leader in sports nutrition, uses Outvio to manage international multi-brand operations with more than 250,000 references.

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"Our purchasing experience is so unique that buyers are compelled to come back"

Bulevip is a sports nutrition marketplace with an impressive track record of achievement. Originating in the vibrant city of Granada, visionary Miguel Ángel Moreno took this project from its modest beginnings as an online store in a small warehouse, to turning it into global operations with more than five strategic warehouses, from which its products reach customers worldwide.


After establishing itself as a solid business, Bulevip decided to take the leap and become a marketplace, with the aim of providing visibility to a wide range of eCommerce companies specialized in top athletes. However, such operations require flawless management of multiple couriers and efficient distribution systems to handle multiple points of origin. How did they face this challenge? The solution came with the implementation of Outvio in 2020, thus enabling the creation of a centralized and highly effective strategy for order management on an international scale.


"At Bulevip we have more than 250,000 references and 1,300 brands. In addition, buyers abroad are growing gradually. This forces us to constantly integrate and manage new couriers. Outvio works as a dashboard from which to manage logistics operations, automate orders, returns, track deliveries, etc. In short, we are autonomous and efficient"

Cristina Moreno, Quality and Logistics Manager

In keeping with advances in logistics automation, Outvio's analytics technology gives Bulevip the ability to refine its business strategies with instantly up-to-date and accurate information. They can monitor their performance and identify which aspects of their shipping, returns or marketing operations require immediate optimization.

"We came to Outvio to cover our logistical needs typical of a marketplace, but we discovered a truly complete tool. A pleasant surprise was their analytics panel. For example, we can find out what type of shipment is preferred by our customers or the incidence rates of each courier."

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As with elite athletes, at Bulevip they seek to exceed their own limits and guarantee a shopping experience adapted to the needs of the moment.


Thanks to Outvio's communication capabilities, they can send personalized notifications through various devices, adding value during the after-sales and transforming their already loyal followers into true brand ambassadors.

Customers are our most important asset and, as such, one of our top priorities. We are constantly looking for tools to increase thier satisfaction. The good thing about Outvio is that it mixes logistics optimization with customer service and sales, and it connects everything like a charm.


"The integration was surprisingly fast, in a matter of days we were in sync"

Cristina Moreno Quality and Logistics Manager
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