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​​The 9 best omnichannel support software for eCommerce

Daniel Bengochea
Daniel Bengochea
Apr 1, 2024
ommnichannel customer service for ecommerce

Did you know that omnichannel support software for eCommerce can help you reduce costs while increasing your sales?

Omni-channel customer service is no longer an option. According to Forbes, customers contact stores through up to 6 simultaneous channels. Omnichannel software allows eCommerce businesses to provide seamless and timely support services, answering queries on the shopper's preferred channels. Without such platforms, retaining loyal customers becomes significantly more challenging.

What is an omnichannel customer support software?

An omnichannel support software for eCommerce is a digital platform designed to enhance customer service in online stores. It enables you to manage and respond to queries through multiple channels, such as email, live chat, social networks, instant messaging, etc., in an automated and centralized manner.

Additionally, it integrates with other strategic suppliers, such as the order manager or carriers, facilitating constant communication and real-time management of order issues among all parties involved.

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Benefits of integrating this type of tool into your online store

  • Increased productivity of support teams
  • Reduction of human errors or logistical management errors
  • Improved response time and quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction and repurchase rates
  • More efficient order and returns management

Multichannel vs. partial omnichannel vs. full omnichannel: how to distinguish each software?

Multichannel software provides several channels of contact with customers independently, which can lead to repetition of information when switching channels. On the other hand, partial omnichannel offers a unified experience by integrating all interactions into a single system. This allows agents to access a complete customer history, facilitating more personalized and efficient service.

A full omnichannel software is one that allows eCommerce to connect its customer service system with carriers. It is the most complete platform, as agents can automatically transfer customer requirements to carriers, enabling fully synchronized order management.

In summary:

  • Multichannel: many channels, but no integration
  • Partial Omnichannel: a single integrated channel offering a seamless experience
  • Full Omnichannel: full integration with carriers for synchronized order management

3 real use cases of omnichannel software in eCommerce

Return request

A customer receives a product that does not meet his expectations and decides to return it. Using the omnichannel software, he can access the return form from the store's website or contact the support team via live chat to initiate the return process. The support team can guide the customer through the necessary steps to complete the return, providing clear instructions and answering any questions that may arise during the process.

Change of delivery address during transport

A customer places an order and then realizes that he needs to change the delivery address. Using the omnichannel software, he can contact the support team via live chat or send an email to request the change. The support team can access the system, identify the order in transit, and make the delivery address change quickly and efficiently.

Channel and user monitoring

Omnichannel support software allows eCommerce agents to monitor all customer conversations and activities across different contact channels, such as live chat, email, social media, etc. For example, an agent can see that a customer has been interacting frequently via live chat with questions about a particular product. Based on this information, the agent can offer proactive assistance to the customer, providing additional product information or related recommendations to improve the shopping experience.

9 best omnichannel platforms for eCommerce

1. Outvio Desk

outvio desk ominichannel ecommerce software

Outvio Desk is an omnichannel software that can be fully integrated with eCommerce operations. It is the only platform capable of integrating with transport companies, guaranteeing end-to-end management of orders and buyer needs.

Outvio Desk has all the functionalities of an order management software and a customer service help desk. You can integrate a live chat for eCommerce, centralize communication channels, and automate your agents' responses. Additionally, you can centralize order management, schedule transport pickups, print labels, track shipments, or integrate a fully automated returns portal.


  • Outvio Desk only: €100/month + €0.05/order
  • For Outvio users: €0/month + €0.05/order

2. ControlHippo


ControlHippo is an omnichannel support platform specialized in WhatsApp. If you have eCommerce, you can use it to centralize all the conversations that take place through this social network and ensure unified management. Your employees will be able to monitor conversations and access data from your shoppers, allowing you to create marketing campaigns.


  • Bronze Plan: $20 per month per user
  • Silver Plan: $28 per month per user
  • Gold Plan: $40 per month per user

3. Zendesk


Zendesk is an omnichannel tool aimed at large companies and agencies. It has several modules, including marketing and sales, which you can combine to ensure a more complete service. Zendesk is often used by consulting firms or technology agencies that need to keep track of leads and marketing campaigns, enabling very effective communication between departments.


  • Team Suite: €69 per agent per month
  • Growth Suite: €115 per agent per month
  • Professional Suite: €145 per agent per month
  • Suite Enterprise: Customized pricing

4. SellerCloud

sellercloud ominchannel ecommerce platform

Sellercloud is an omnichannel platform for eCommerce inventory synchronization. It helps to create a centralized point to manage sales and support across different channels. Note that it is not a support software as such, but a system for importing orders. However, you can integrate it with your other technology providers to increase its capabilities.

SellerCloud prices start at $0.32 per order processed or $0.12 for orders within the Amazon FBA service.

5. Hiver


Hiver is an omnichannel solution exclusively for the Gmail channel. This software unifies all messages into a single tangled inbox, ensuring more agile and effective management. Agents will be able to automate tasks, create personalized signatures, or track customers. It is quite useful for smaller companies that only use this channel as a ticket and inquiry manager.


  • Lite: $19 per month per agent
  • Pro: $49 per month per agent
  • Elite: $99 per month per agent

6. HappyFox


HappyFox is another omnichannel software designed to streamline business support services. The tool is characterized by creating workflows to optimize agents' tasks, thus improving the work environment. Just like Zendesk, it is an option to consider for tracking marketing leads.


  • Starter Plan: £22 (USD 29) per agent per month
  • Enterprise Plan: £65 (USD 89) per agent per month
  • Premium Plan: £1,099 (USD 1,499) per month

7. Live Agent

Live Agent Sofware

LiveAgent is an omnichannel support software for mid-sized companies. It connects social media with a ticketing system, allowing agents to monitor conversations with customers. It also has a chat that you can add to the website to provide effective, real-time communication.


  • Small Plan: $9 per agent per month
  • Medium Plan: $29 per agent per month
  • Large Plan: $49 per agent per month

8. Tidio


Tidio is an omnichannel eCommerce software specialized in ticket, chat, and social media management. You will be able to monitor shopper conversations, automate responses, and use assignment rules to redirect queries to the most qualified agents.


  • Starter Plan: $29 for 100 conversations per month
  • Growth Plan: $59 for 250 conversations per month
  • Tidio Plan: $398 per month

9. Gladly


Gladly offers an interesting solution for omnichannel customer service in eCommerce. You will be able to synchronize communication with the customer, easily track purchase history, and order value over time, ensuring personalized interactions every time.


  • Hero Plan: $150 per month per agent
  • Superhero Plan: $180 per month per agent

How to choose the right omnichannel software for your business

Consider your industry needs

Each industry has its own specific demands and requirements. Evaluate which features are critical to your industry and look for software that meets those particular needs. For example, if your eCommerce faces a considerable volume of returns, it would be advisable for the omnichannel management software to have an integrated returns portal.

Carrier Integrations

Ensure that the software you choose is compatible with other tools and platforms you already use in your business. Special mention should be made of integration with transportation companies. If you want total order management, the tool should extract and communicate tracking codes and order statuses between your logistics providers.


Growth is a common goal for most businesses. It's crucial to select omnichannel software that can grow with your business. Opt for a solution that offers different pricing plans and scalability options to accommodate your expanding needs as your business evolves.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the heart of any omnichannel strategy. Look for software that allows you to deliver personalized and consistent service at all points of contact with your customers. Prioritize ease of use, software intuitiveness, and the ability to provide segmented service based on your audience's purchase and order history.


Choosing the best omnichannel eCommerce support software is critical to optimizing the management of your business. With the ability to synchronize all customer communications and offer personalized interactions at every stage of the buying process, omnichannel software allows you to provide customer service that is fully oriented to eCommerce needs.

This integration also helps you maintain a unified view of your operations, improving your customer experience, reducing operating costs, and differentiating your online store from direct competitors.

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