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The best customer experience management platforms

Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez
Dec 12, 2023

Customer experience (CX) has become a key driver of business success. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, organizations that invest in CX can increase their customer retention rate by 50% or more.

To consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences, organizations can leverage customer experience software or platforms. These solutions effectively gather and analyze customer data, automating key processes throughout the customer journey from acquisition to delivery.

In this article, we'll review some of the best customer experience management platforms and software that you can use to increase loyalty and sales.

What is customer experience and why is it so important?

Customer experience is essentially the way in which users interact with a brand or business. It encompasses all touchpoints from web traffic acquisition to product returns and exchanges.

A buildup of unsatisfactory interactions will contribute to a negative perception of your company, while personalized and positive interactions will offer value to your customers and lead to opportunities to grow revenue and LTV.

In this sense, the most important phase and the one in which you should invest the most to optimize your customer experience is the post-purchase stage. This is where the final opinion that the buyer has of the business is formed. If you only work on sales or marketing processes, it will be very difficult to retain customers

The best customer experience management platforms and software

Now that we've covered the importance of CX, let's take a look at some of the best companies that you can use to manage your customer experience

Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all tool, and each one may be geared towards a different process.

Type Trial Period Lowest price Score on Capterra
Outvio Post-checkout Yes 125€/month 5
Zendesk Support Yes 55€/month 4.4
Gorgias Support Yes 50€/month 4.7
Parcellab Tracking No - 4.8
Hubspot CRM Yes 1757€/month 4.5
Freshdesk Support Yes 15€/month 4.5

We will analyze one by one the best CX platforms in this list to ensure a good customer experience management.

1. Outvio

outvio customer experience management platform

Outvio is a premium platform designed specifically for the eCommerce industry. If you run an online store, this should be your CX platform. With Outvio, the entire order experience is automated and personalized according to the individual needs of each customer: from order processing and returns, to sending segmented notifications to your audiences.

The platform not only simplifies operations, but it also offers a comprehensive analytics system. You can identify behavioural patterns, monitor carrier performance, and understand the reasons behind product returns. In short, it is a unique and complete tool that allows you to improve the post-checkout experience from start to finish.

Key advantages and features

  • Direct integration with the world's leading carriers
  • Automation of fulfillment and order preparation
  • Customized and real-time tracking system
  • 100% automated exchanges and returns
  • Unified product exchange and checkout process
  • Self-service portals for a better customer experience
  • Segmented notifications by event via email, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Segmented up-selling marketing campaigns
  • Automatically resolves transportation incidents
  • Reduces delays and problems during order delivery
  • Advanced business analytics

2. Zendesk

zendesk software

Zendesk is a popular SaaS CX customer service software. It allows you to integrate chatbots to interact with customers and manage tickets or inquiries more efficiently. However, Zendesk does not have features for managing orders or returns. It is limited to communication and lead management.

Key advantages and features

  • Ticket management
  • Chatbots and live chat
  • Response automation
  • Knowledge base

3. Gorgias

gorgias software

Gorgias is another of the best customer experience management platforms for support, but with the particularity of having direct integration with Shopify. The main disadvantage of Gorgias is that it does not have direct integration with carriers, so many of the order and return management features cannot be executed directly from the tool.


  • Integration with Shopify
  • Automation of the most basic order actions
  • Chatbots

4. Parcellab

parcellab software

ParcelLab is a data analytics and shipping tracking tool that lets you send notifications to your customers throughout the delivery process and provide a tracking portal with the different status changes.


  • Tracking notifications
  • Tracking portals

5. Hubspot


HubSpot is a sales, customer relationship management, and social media software. It's a great option for improving the experience between lead generation and conversion.

Key advantages and features

  • Powerful and easy-to-use CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media management

6. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is the third chatbot and ticket tool on this list. It is a simplified alternative to Zendesk, but more affordable, aimed at smaller businesses that do not want to make a significant investment in user experience.


  • More intuitive interface
  • Macro automation
  • Chatbots

4 Strategies for a Winning Customer Experience

When choosing the best CX platform to manage your customer experience, make sure it is capable of performing the following strategies:

1. Personalize post-purchase notifications

Personalizing post-purchase interaction goes beyond simply managing transactions; it's the key to forging lasting connections with customers.

By offering experiences tailored to their individual needs, from personalized shipping updates to product recommendations based on their preferences, you can nurture a deeper and more lasting relationship.

This not only improves customer satisfaction, it also triggers a very positive domino effect, generating loyalty, increasing the chances of repeat purchases, and raising the likelihood that they'll share their positive experiences.

2. Provide fast, high-quality responses

The integration of tools like live chat and efficient ticket systems show commitment and contribute to a more satisfying customer experience.

However, the real differentiating factor lies in an advanced shipment tracking system, with real-time notifications and detailed information about the status of each purchase. This way, the buyer won't be forced to contact the store during the delivery process, as they'll be fully informed at all times.

3. Meet delivery deadlines

Failed deliveries and delays, even if they can be attributed to carriers, have a very negative impact on your brand image and retention rate.

It's imperative to do everything possible to ensure that orders arrive on time at their destination. This means collaborating with multiple carriers, avoiding errors in package documentation, streamlining packaging times, keeping the customer informed at all times, etc.

4. Automate returns and exchanges

An automated and personalized returns and exchange process can transform an unhappy customer into a passionate follower.

In addition, by integrating software like Outvio, you can create powerful strategies that invite your customer to exchange a product for a higher-value one. This way, what used to be a refund becomes a cross-sell, transforming your costs into new revenue.


Strengthening customer relationships, retaining them, and increasing the repurchase rate, is one of the most effective business strategies. With the increasing competition online, you need to find ways to monetize your customer acquisition, and one of the most important, if not the most, is to ensure a good customer experience.

Once you've analyzed the best customer experience management platforms, software and companies, you can assess which one best suits your needs. Remember that this is a vital aspect of your future growth.

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