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The best shipping apps for Shopify

Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez
Apr 15, 2024
Best Shipping App Shopify

What is the best shipping app for Shopify? Updated article. 

Shipping is a critical aspect of your Shopify online shop. To ensure proper management, it is highly recommended the best shipping software for Shopify..

However, choosing a single Shopify shipping app is a challenging task. It is important to know your business well and the needs (present and future) you need to address.

The following shipping softwares have features to meet the requirements of different eCommerce businesses on Shopify.

What is a shipping app for Shopify?

A shipping app for Shopify is a tool that connects with carriers, enabling the shop to generate pickups and control shipments more effectively. These apps are especially important when working with multiple shipping providers, as they allow you to centralize different logistical flows in one system.

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Benefits of the best shipping apps for Shopify

Before we proceed with our list of the best shipping apps for Shopify, let's explore the features and benefits they offer:

Access to more carriers

As your shop grows, a shipping app for Shopify grants you access to more carriers, allowing you to expand your logistical capacity. You can add new rates and utilize other shipping methods as desired.

Streamlined order fulfillment

The best shipping apps for Shopify offer fulfillment capabilities, such as bulk label printing or digital picking lists. These features accelerate numerous logistics processes and assist in saving time and costs.

Shipping automation and rules

Shipping rules are among the best features of shipping applications. You can determine the conditions under which you select one transport or another based on the order characteristics, automatically generating the collection.

Notifications and customizable tracking

89% of consumers desire personalized interactions from brands. With a Shopify shipping app, you can create tracking notifications so customers can monitor their packages, incorporating your branding and marketing elements.

Transport invoice control

This feature simplifies the management and tracking of shipping invoices generated by shipping service providers. You can maintain an accurate record of the shipping costs associated with each order and analyze this data to identify opportunities for savings or areas for improvement in your shipping strategy.

Automated Returns and Exchanges

Nearly 30% of online purchases end up being returned. The best shipping app for Shopify should enable you to automate returns and exchange management through specialized portals.

What is the best shipping service for Shopify in 2024?

We round up the best shipping apps and software for Shopify. Which one are you interested in?

Shipping App Specialization Pricing
Outvio Complete management of orders, shipping, returns, marketing, and customer service €125 - €250/month
AfterShip Specializes in tracking services Starting at $9/month, only for tracking
Printful Print-on-demand products Varied pricing based on product, quantity, printing, etc
AutoDS Dropshipping platform $12.90 - $43.90/month
ShipStation Shipping and order management $9.99 - $229.99/month
Easyship Shipping software with exclusive service for crowdfunding companies $29 - $99/month
Sendcloud Shipping and returns management €23 - €138/month

The best shipping apps for Shopify: in-depth analysis

Find out the features and drawbacks of the best Shopify shipping apps and which software is right for your business.

1. Outvio

Outvio, shipping app for Shopify

Outvio is the best shipping app designed for Shopify online shops. It ensures complete management of all order operations, including shipping, returns, marketing, and customer service. It stands out for centralizing operations with a multitude of carriers and its high automation capabilities. You can integrate a tracking portal, returns, and even an online chat. It also has unique functionalities to reduce shipping costs, such as an incident manager or automatic invoice control. It is the most complete tool on the list.


  • Centralizes the management of orders, returns, marketing, and customer service
  • Multiple automations powered by AI
  • Fully customizable tracking and returns portal
  • Integration with a wide range of carriers
  • Customer service software with online chat
  • Automated transport incident resolution
  • Tracking of transport invoices
  • Post-payment marketing campaigns


  • Can be complex for beginners in eCommerce


Outvio's prices range from 125 to 250 euros per month plus a small processing fee per order.

2. AfterShip

AfterShip, shipping software for Shopify

AfterShip is a shipping app for Shopify that specializes in tracking services. It also offers several modules that you can add to enhance your marketing, returns, logistics, etc., capabilities. AfterShip is a Chinese company, which stands out above all for its large number of carriers within the Asian continent.


  • Large number of integrable modules
  • Wide range of carriers
  • Easily integrated with other technological solutions
  • Quite comprehensive in terms of tracking
  • Ability to customize tracking and notifications


  • Mainly focused on tracking, with limitations in other areas
  • High dependency on third parties
  • Limited presence outside of Asia


The price of AfterShip depends on the modules you need. The basic plan starts at $9 per month. Adding modules can lead to increased costs.

3. Printful

Printful shipping app for shopify

Printful is a print-on-demand app that integrates with Shopify. It allows you to create and sell personalized products, such as t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc., without the need to manage inventory. Although it is not a shipping app, it does have shipping functionality. This app is only recommended if you are in the print-on-demand business.


  • Sale of custom-designed products
  • Own storage and order management
  • Personalized packaging and labeling
  • Orders are automatically synchronized


  • Limited order management capabilities
  • No automations or creation of marketing campaigns
  • No automatic returns portal
  • No integrated carriers


Printful's prices vary depending on several factors, such as the product you choose, the quantity you order, the printing and shipping options you select, and your location.

4. AutoDS

Autods software

AutoDS is a dropshipping platform that integrates with Shopify, allowing you to find products to sell on your online shop without the need to maintain physical inventory. With AutoDS, you can search for products from verified suppliers, easily import them into your Shopify shop, and manage your inventory in an automated way.


  • Ability to import thousands of products with one click
  • Shipping and fulfillment functionality
  • You can include images, prices, and descriptions for each product
  • Automatic product search on all major dropshipping platforms


  • If you need a shop with a unique design or advanced functionality, AutoDS may not be the best option.
  • Outside of the dropshipping industry, this dropshipping app is not recommended.


AutoDS plans range from $12.90 to $43.90 depending on the number of products imported. They also offer a custom plan.

5. Shipstation

Shipstation app software for shopify

ShipStation is a shipping and order management app that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. You can simplify shipping management with multiple carriers simultaneously, print labels, and automate pickups to your warehouses. ShipStation has integration with some of the largest carriers, such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx.


  • Integration with a large number of national and international transport operators.
  • Allows you to group several orders into a single shipment.
  • Displays shipping rates in real-time.
  • Label printing system.


  • Difficult user management.
  • No returns management.
  • Few customization possibilities.


ShipStation offers four plans: Starter, Bronze, Gold, and Enterprise. They range from $9.99/month to $229.99/month.

6. Easyship

Easyship shipping app for shopify

Easyship is shipping software for Shopify and other eCommerce platforms. It offers a wide range of tools to improve logistics and ordering processes. EasyShip differs from the other applications on this list by having an exclusive service for shops with crowdfunding campaigns. They provide strategic advice and support for specialized crowdfunding carriers.


  • Direct integration with a multitude of carriers
  • Automatic printing of shipping labels
  • Reduced shipping rates with USPS
  • Exclusive service for crowdfunding companies
  • Shipping insurance


  • Problems with handling international shipments
  • No returns handling
  • Shipping application not scalable


Three paid plans: Plus, Premier, and Scale. Plus is $29/month, Premier is $69/month, and Scale is $99/month

7. Sendcloud

Sendcloud for Shopify

Sendcloud is a shipping app for Shopify shops that allows you to easily and efficiently manage your shipping and returns. It stands out for its free plan, which allows you to process a limited number of shipments and returns free of charge, ideal for small or start-up shops. However, Sendcloud may not be sufficient for larger online shops.


  • Free plan
  • Tracking and returns portal
  • Automatic printing of shipping labels


  • Limited customization and automation
  • No automatic exchange system
  • No customer service tools


Sendcloud offers three plans: Lite (€23/month), Growth (€70/month), and Premium (€138/month). There is also a fee per order processed.

How to choose the best shipping software for Shopifyre

If you only focus on the price of the plan, you may end up choosing an unsuitable shipping app and your Shopify store will have growth problems.

Here are some things to keep in mind

  1. When choosing a shipping app, look for one that offers the ability to incorporate cross-selling strategies. This will increase your sales by showing customers related products.
  2. Avoid shipping software that requires numerous integrations with other non-Shopify services or apps. Each integration comes with additional costs and unnecessary complications. Look for a shipping solution that is as comprehensive as possible to minimize external integrations.
  3. It is quite common to promote automation through smart rules or algorithms. If the program you are researching says it has automations, but it does not have algorithms, you should know that it does not have everything it offers, so don't be fooled!
  4. Make sure the shipping app automatically sets up exchanges for any other product in your Shopify catalog. This way, when the buyer goes to request a refund, there is a possibility that they will opt to exchange it, even for products of greater value than the refund itself! A good shipping app should include tools to help you resolve shipping problems efficiently.

How to Reduce Your Shipping Costs on Shopify

Shipping costs, often a significant element of operating expenses, can negatively impact your profit margins. However, implementing a well-designed multi-carrier strategy can help you significantly optimize your shipping costs and increase your profits.

What is a multi-carrier strategy?

It is a logistics strategy that involves partnering with multiple shipping service providers to take advantage of the most competitive rates for each destination. By diversifying your shipping options, you can avoid the high rates of a single carrier by opting for a cheaper carrier and make substantial savings.

You can learn more in our guide to shipping costs for eCommerce.


Why do you need a Shopify shipping app?

A shipping app streamlines operational management, helping you save resources and transportation costs. Many also allow you to personalize the ordering experience to satisfy and retain customers.

What is the best shipping software for small businesses on Shopify?

While many shops might opt for the cheapest shipping software, for online shops that want to scale quickly it is better to opt for a more comprehensive one that allows you to improve your customer experience.

What is carrier invoice control?

These advanced systems automatically scan freight invoices for irregularities. If they find any, they automatically alert you so you can reclaim the money you overpaid. Outvio provides this type of service.

Why is it better to opt for a comprehensive shipping app for Shopify?

Over time, your needs are likely to grow. If your app isn't comprehensive enough, you'll have to pay for other solutions and connect it to the rest of your systems. In addition to being costly, this can lead to synchronization or maintenance issues. With a comprehensive app, you avoid these problems.


Selecting the best shipping app for your Shopify shop is a critical decision that can significantly affect the efficiency of your business. A poor choice will not only prevent you from growing but can also increase costs as you have to migrate from one to another. When you are reviewing tools, our recommendation is to consider the scalability and future growth of your business, as well as the specific shipping and order management needs you may have. With the best shipping software for Shopify, you'll be able to streamline your logistics operations and provide an exceptional shopping experience for your customers, which will help you increase sales and build a loyal customer base.

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