The best shipping apps for Shopify

Daniel Bengochea
Daniel Bengochea
Nov 6, 2023
Best Shipping App Shopify

If you're looking for a way to improve your shipping management, I recommend trying a shipping app for Shopify. This type of app is essential to ensure effective and personalized shipping logistics that meet the needs of the customer and the order. Find out which apps are the most popular at the moment.

What is a shipping app for Shopify stores?

A shipping app for Shopify stores is a tool that allows online store owners to manage their shipping orders efficiently and easily. These apps offer a variety of features to make your job much more efficient and effective, connecting with different carriers so you can save time and money.

Key features of a shipping app

Outvio Aftership Sendcloud ShippyPro EasyShip ShipStation Isendu
Carrier management βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ…
Order fulfillment βœ… ❌ βœ… βœ… ❌ ❌ ❌
Shipping rules βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ…
Basic notifications βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… ❌ βœ… βœ…
Hyper Notifications βœ… ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌
Automatic incident resolution βœ… ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌
Basic tracking βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… ❌ βœ… βœ…
Automatic product exchanges βœ… ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌
Customizable βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… ❌ βœ… βœ…
Returns management βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… ❌ βœ… βœ…
Returns rules βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… ❌ ❌ ❌
Tracking portal with Smart Action βœ… ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌ ❌
Invoice management βœ… ❌ ❌ βœ… ❌ ❌ ❌

The best shipping apps for Shopify

1. Outvio

Outvio, shipping app for Shopify

Outvio is a premium shipping app for Shopify online stores. In addition to automating and optimizing all shipping management processes, it offers a complete system for stores to process returns and exchanges. It also allows you to customize the entire process, add promotional campaigns, and generate additional sales.

In essence, Outvio is the most complete option. It provides concrete and effective solutions, ensuring top-notch order and shipment management at all times.


  • Complete and automatic management of returns and exchanges
  • Automatic review of carrier invoices
  • Integrates and centralizes any national or international carrier
  • Customizable notifications by email, WhatsApp, or SMS
  • Fully customizable tracking portal
  • Automatic resolution of transport incidents
  • Automated exchange for any other product in the catalog
  • Complete business analytics
  • Intelligent picking and packing tools

Unique features you'll only get with Outvio

A) HyperNotifications

HyperNotifications is a fully customizable notification system that allows you to send specific messages to your customers or carriers and create high-performing marketing campaigns.

B) Returns Portal with RevenuePlus

The RevenuePlus returns portal is designed to increase the revenue of online stores by promoting product exchanges with higher value. It allows customers to pay for new items instantly, unifying the purchase and return flows.

C) Incidents Manager

The incidents manager provides a global and real-time view of all shipments or returns and their possible incidents. This helps stores to quickly identify any irregularities and take immediate action to resolve them.

D) Automation Rules

Post-checkout automation rules are a system of smart rules and algorithms that allow online stores to automate logistical decisions and orient them towards maximum profitability. These rules can be used to select the lowest shipping or return rates, offer store credit discount coupons, or notify customers or carriers whenever necessary.

2. AfterShip

AfterShip, shipping software for Shopify

AfterShip is a comprehensive Shopify shipping software divided into modules. Like Outvio, it is a highly customizable platform with automation options. However, if you only use the shipping module, your store may suffer from many limitations.


  • Notifications
  • Good customization
  • Tracking portal

3. Sendcloud

Sendcloud for Shopify

Sendcloud is a shipping app for Shopify that specializes in label printing and tracking. You can also use it to manage your returns. Its main feature is its free plan, which allows you to process a limited number of shipments and returns at no cost..


  • Free plan
  • Shipping management
  • Returns management

4. ShippyPro

ShippyPro, shipping app for Shopify

ShippyPro is another shipping app for Shopify worth considering. It offers label printing, tracking, notifications, automated portals, business analytics, etc. Very similar to Sendcloud in terms of capabilities, but without the free plan.


  • Carrier integrations
  • Regular updates
  • Good levels of customization

5. ShipStation

Shipstation, Shopify

ShipStation is a fairly basic shipping app that lets you integrate multiple sales channels simultaneously within Shopify. Very useful if you only need to compare rates with multiple carriers or print labels.


  • Tracking portal
  • Notification emails
  • Limited customization options

6. EasyShip


If you want a quick and hassle-free way to manage your shipments, EasyShip may be a good option. This Shopify shipping app is very similar to ShipStation. You can process shipments with multiple carriers from the interface and track their progress.


  • Label printing
  • Integration with carriers
  • Provides shipping insurance

7. Isendu

Isendu, shipping software for Shopify

Isendu is the newest shipping app for Shopify. It specializes in WhatsApp notifications, but you can also use it to manage shipping and carriers.


  • Comparison of rates between carriers
  • Basic return management
  • Sending WhatsApp notifications

How to choose the best shipping app for Shopify

If you only focus on the price of the plan, you may end up choosing an unsuitable shipping app and your Shopify store will have growth problems.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • When choosing a shipping app, look for one that offers the ability to incorporate cross-selling strategies. This will increase your sales by showing customers related products.
  • Avoid shipping software that requires numerous integrations with other non-Shopify services or apps. Each integration comes with additional costs and unnecessary complications. Look for a shipping solution that is as comprehensive as possible to minimize external integrations.
  • It is quite common to promote automation through smart rules or algorithms. If the program you are researching says it has automations, but it does not have algorithms, you should know that it does not have everything it offers, so don't be fooled!
  • Make sure the shipping app automatically sets up exchanges for any other product in your Shopify catalog. This way, when the buyer goes to request a refund, there is a possibility that they will opt to exchange it, even for products of greater value than the refund itself!
  • A good shipping app should include tools to help you resolve shipping problems efficiently.

The quality of the post-purchase experience is decisive for the profitability of your business. Integrating a shipping app means investing in the future of your Shopify store.


Shipping management is essential to strengthen the relationship with the buyer and reduce certain logistical costs. If you have an online store on Shopify, we highly recommend integrating one of the apps analyzed in this article.

After this review, it will be much easier for you to determine which is the best shipping app for your Shopify business

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