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Best track and trace solution providers

Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez
Apr 9, 2024

Track and trace systems are extremely useful software for the preparation and transportation of goods in various industries.

They provide visibility during the transport of goods from one end to the other, and are widely used to improve the performance of logistics processes, allowing greater control of transport operations.

There are many types of track and trace software available. Depending on the industry you operate in, you may require a specific type. Let's explore some of the most popular options.

What is a track and trace solution

Track and Trace software is a technological solution that enables you to monitor the location and status of an item throughout the supply chain. It is utilized in various sectors such as logistics, retail, manufacturing, food, and healthcare to manage shipments, inventories, production, quality, food safety, and medication tracking.

In B2C industries such as eCommerce, these solutions are crucial for keeping shoppers informe d about the whereabouts of their orders, thereby forming part of their shopping experience. Track and trace solutions are often part of the supply chain management strategy.

Benefits of using a track and trace system

Enhanced inventory management capabilities

Implementing track and trace software empowers you to maintain superior oversight of your inventory levels, meticulously analyze product demand trends, and proactively mitigate the risk of stock shortages.

Optimized cost management

By leveraging track and trace solutions, companies can strategically devise and implement more streamlined delivery routes, thereby minimizing transportation expenses and mitigating the occurrence of delivery-related incidents.

Increased customer satisfaction

You can send notifications or integrate a tracking portal into your business to keep customers always informed. Updating customers on the status of their purchases will strengthen their relationship with your business, increasing the likelihood that they will return to you in the future.

Troubleshooting and route optimization

Platforms like Outvio identify and resolve transport problems. Also collect information from your carriers and analyze their performance. This is useful for detecting routes prone to incidents or carriers with high rates of delays or losses. Use this information to optimize your strategies.

Regulatory compliance

Supply chain security laws(among others) require certain industries to implement control and traceability measures on transported goods. Track and trace software enables you to stay up to date with this type of regulation.

How to use a track and trace shipping software

Each product has a barcode, RFID tag, or GPS chip for identification. This information is recorded in a database that includes details such as origin, destination, weight, content, value, and other important product data. 

This data is transferred to the track and trace system for monitoring, allowing the flow of products to be managed from a much more intuitive user interface. In addition, the software must be connected to the rest of the organization's technology providers.

For example, in the case of eCommerce, it is important to connect with the transport APIs to be able to print the shipping label with the tracking codes. 

Authorized employees, such as warehouse operators, logistics managers, or customer service personnel, can access this interface to perform various tasks, such as:

  • Viewing the real-time location of the product in transit.
  • Tracking the exact route of the product and reviewing its event history, including details such as scans and deliveries.
  • Obtaining detailed information about the product's features and specifications.
  • Estimating the expected delivery time based on real-time tracking and analysis of historical data.
  • Receiving automatic alerts on relevant events, such as delivery delays or changes in shipment schedules.

Track and trace tools: comparative

Software Industry Why use it Pricing
Outvio eCommerce Optimisation of all eCommerce operations: shipments, returns, tracking, marketing and customer service $125/ $250/month + order fee
TrackTraceRX Pharmaceutical Ensures drug authenticity and patient safety through scanning and encryption in pharmaceuticals. Customized
Katana Manufacturing Optimizes manufacturing with intelligent inventory and production control $199/$399/$899/month
Parcellab Food Industry Tailors solutions for the food industry with optimized routes and high customization Customized
Tibco Spotfire Business Intelligence Provides robust business intelligence and analytics for medium to large enterprises Customized
QuickBooks Time Time Management Offers efficient time management for accounting and finance Basic Plan: Starts at $20/month
Sendcloud Small Online Stores Provides basic tracking for small stores with a free plan $23/$70/$138/month + order fee

Best track and trace solution providers by industry

1. Outvio, track and trace software for eCommerce

outvio track and trace software solution

Outvio is a track and trace software specialized in shipping and returns for eCommerce. This software has a wide range of integrated carriers and CMS to streamline the customization process for shops. It has advanced tracking systems, both with notifications and real-time portals. You can personalize customer communication, automate logistics management, and process returns. Outvio is the best choice for eCommerce companies that want to transform the tracking of shipments and returns into a marketing element and enhance the customer experience.


  • Complete centralization of ordering, marketing, and customer service operations
  • Automatic management of transport and return processes
  • Customizable order notifications
  • Customizable real-time tracking portal
  • Complete suite for internal order control
  • Automated transport incident management
  • Transport and tracking analytics and reporting
  • Barcode scanning


Shipping prices range from 125 to 250 dollars per month. Additionally, it charges a fee per order processed within the platform.

2. TrackTraceRX, pharmaceutical track and trace software

tracktracerx, pharmaceutical track and trace software

TrackRX is a track and trace solution specialized for pharmaceutical companies that need to track and trace medicines. It allows you to closely monitor the movement of medicines throughout your supply chain, ensuring authenticity and safeguarding patient safety.It is characterized by high security to protect sensitive data.


  • Scans drug codes to verify drug identity
  • Encrypted sensitive data
  • Facilitates access to medication doses and instructions
  • Generates reports and analysis for pharmaceutical companies


  • Custom

Katana, track and trace manufacturing system

katana software

Katana is a manufacturing track and trace software. It offers a wide range of functions to help companies manage their production, inventory, finance, and accounting processes. The software allows you to create and manage recipes and production formulas, facilitating process standardization and quality improvement.


  • Intelligent control of inventory references
  • Optimization of production lists and materials
  • Barcoding system
  • Batch control and management of products with expiry dates


  • Starter: $199 per month, 1 inventory location
  • Standar: $399 per month, 3 inventory locations
  • Professional: $899 per month, 10 inventory locations

4. Parcellab, tracking for the food industry

parcellab software

Parcellab is a platform specialized in post-payment communication. It provides real-time order tracking throughout the entire ordering experience.Its strength lies in the delivery prediction system, which is very useful for companies that ship perishable goods, such as the food industry.


  • Tailor-made customer developments
  • Optimization of delivery routes
  • Very good levels of customization


  • Custom

5. Tibco Spotfire, system for business intelligence

tibco tracking and trace tool

TIBCO Spotfire is a robust business intelligence (BI) and data analytics platform designed for medium to large enterprises. It offers a wide range of capabilities, including handling large data sets, content analysis, predicting future trends, advanced team collaboration, machine learning, and discovering hidden patterns in data.


  • Can be integrated on-premises or in the cloud
  • Processes large datasets quickly and efficiently
  • Free 30-day trial


  • Custom

6. QuickBook, accounting and finance


QuickBooks Time is time management software that is part of the QuickBooks family of products, known for its accounting expertise. It is ideal for small and medium-sized staffing firms and integrates with more than 50 other accounting and payroll applications, including QuickBooks packages.


  • Project time tracking
  • Scheduling of employee tasks and schedules
  • Customized alerts, notifications, and reports


  • Basic Plan: Starts at $20/month
  • Elite Plan:Costs $40/month

7. Sendcloud, shipping tracking software for small stores


Sendcloud is a tracking and tracing software for new shops. With its free plan you can send up to one status notification per order in up to two languages. Just opened your first shop and need a tool to get you out of trouble? Sendcloud is what you've been looking for!


  • Free plan
  • Excellent option for small business needs
  • There are worse options


  • Lite: €23/month  + label fee
  • Growth: €70/month  + label fee
  • Premium: €138/month + label fee

Practices with track and trace systems

Correctly check the goods in the warehouse

Track and trace systems that lack barcodes may encounter limitations when verifying goods. This can lead to incidents or difficulties in logistics management, particularly during the transfer of product information into the track and trace system. We recommend using software that integrates with a digital barcode reader for improved accuracy.

Personalise notifications and the tracking page

89% of consumers prefer the content of follow-up messages to be personalized. Add brand elements and product recommendations that may be of interest to your shopper. In addition to improving the customer experience, you'll also drive indirect sales.

Segment and create post-payment audiences

In addition to personalizing the content of your messages, you should also personalize the customers who receive them. If your tracking and tracing system includes an audience manager, you can create highly profitable sales campaigns. For example, with Outvio, you can send recommendations related to the product code of the current item. This way, the chances of your customer making an additional purchase are much higher.

What to consider when choosing a track and trace system supplier

  1. Make sure the track and trace software is specialised in your sector for greater scalability.
  2. Make sure the software supports multiple carriers so you can offer a variety of shipping options and choose the most appropriate one for each order
  3. Look for customization options that allow you to adapt order tracking to your brand aesthetics or add promotional banners to create a cross-sell strategy
  4. Check if the software allows you to send automatic notifications to customers, such as order confirmations, status updates and shipping notices
  5. Try enabling multiple channels, such as WhatsApp, SMS or email. Tracking should also affect the return experience. Make sure that the software you will be working with ensures an effective, automatic and trackable returns and exchanges process


Keeping your customer up to date is essential to ensure a good online shopping experience. It also goes a long way to reducing the number of missed deliveries or lost products. Want to keep your customers informed and engaged? Consider integrating track and trace software, a valuable tool that enables real-time monitoring of shipments. With a reliable track and trace system in place, you can provide your customers with accurate information about the whereabouts of their orders, enhancing transparency and trust. Partnering with reputable track and trace solution providers ensures seamless implementation and efficient management of this vital aspect of your business.

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