Top 7 Shipment Track and Trace Solutions

Daniel Bengochea
Daniel Bengochea
Sep 6, 2023

Are you looking for a shipment track and trace solution? Remember that this is one of the most important features for your customer's shopping experience. An unsatisfactory or inaccurate tracking service can negatively affect your business.

We compare the most known track and trace systems software so you can make an informed decision.

Ranking of the best track and trace solutions

These are some of the most relevant order tracking software options currently available:

1. Outvio

outvio track and trace software solution

Outvio is a comprehensive post-checkout management solution. This platform enables sending automatic proactive notifications to your customers regarding their purchases through a wide range of channels. It features a real-time tracking portal with interactive tools to manage the order on an ongoing basis. In addition, its remarkable degree of personalization enables the transformation of the entire order-delivery process into an additional passive revenue channel.

In addition, Outvio is more than just a track and trace system software. In essence, Outvio represents a comprehensive platform with which you can optimize the entire post-purchase process, from sale to return and to the next sale.


  • Complete, out-of-the-box software, no proprietary development required
  • Effectively synchronizes all post-purchase needs
  • Process automation through intelligent algorithms
  • Highly customizable tracking and returns/exchanges portals with cross-selling capabilities
  • Business analytics system

Unique features you only get with Outvio


Fully customizable notification system. You can decide when and under what conditions to send emails, WhatsApps, or SMS to your customers or carriers. Add promotions, satisfaction surveys, and other revenue-generating elements.

Returns Portal with RevenuePlus

Specifically designed returns portal for revenue growth. Connects your returns flow with your business' sales funnel, allowing your customers to exchange for more expensive products and make payments instantly.

Incident Manager

This intelligent dashboard provides a global and real-time view of all shipments and returns and their potential incidents. You can quickly identify any irregularities and take immediate action to resolve them.

Automation Rules

Rule-based and intelligent algorithms system to automate logistics decisions and orient them towards maximum profitability. Select the lowest shipping or return rates at all times, offer store credit discount coupons, notify your customers or carriers whenever necessary, etc.

2. Parcellab

parcellab software

ParcelLab is a platform specialized in post-payment communication. It provides real-time order tracking throughout the entire ordering experience. In addition, like Outvio, it facilitates proactive customer communication and prevents late deliveries. It is another of the most complete traceability softwares, although in many occasions it will be necessary to make customized developments. Its usage may also require some technical training.


  • Tailor-made customer developments
  • Optimization of delivery routes
  • Very good levels of customization

3. Shippo

shippo software

Shippo is a cloud-based shipping and tracking software that connects businesses with various shipping carriers to simplify label creation and tracking. It offers an API for easy integration.


  • Access to multiple shipping carriers and rates
  • Real-time tracking notifications for customers
  • Customizable packing slips and branding

4. ShipHawk

shiphawk trace and track platform

ShipHawk is a shipping trace and tracking software solution that specializes in optimizing the shipping and delivery process for businesses. It offers features like freight rating, parcel shipping, and white-glove delivery management. 


  • Comprehensive tracking and visibility for shipments
  • White-glove delivery management for specialized items
  • Real-time freight and parcel rating and optimization

5. Shipstation

shipstation software

Shipstation is a logistics and shipment management and label printing platform with some shipment tracking functionalities. It offers integrations with several marketplaces and eCommerce tools.


  • You can import orders from multiple sales channels
  • Integration with a large number of carriers
  • Customizable shipping labels with store logo

6. Narvar

narvar track and trace solution

Narvar is another of the best tack and trace solutions. Of U.S. origin, it has a customizable portal where you can add promotions. Its automatic notification system is also one of the most complete. However, keep in mind that many of Narvar's features may be less valuable outside the United States or Canada.


  • Proactive tracking notifications
  • Fairly complete brand customization
  • Tracking page with cross-sell capabilities

7. Sendcloud


Sendcloud is a track and trace software for first-time stores. With its free plan you can send up to one status notification per order in up to two languages. Just opened your first store and need a tool to get you out of trouble? Sendcloud is what you've been looking for!


  • Free plan
  • Great fit for small business needs
  • There are worse options

What to consider when choosing a track and trace software

  1. Make sure the software supports multiple carriers so you can offer a variety of shipping options and choose the most appropriate one for each order.
  2. Look for customization options that allow you to adapt order tracking to your brand aesthetics or add promotional banners to create a cross-sell strategy.
  3. Check if the software allows you to send automatic notifications to customers, such as order confirmations, status updates and shipping notices. 
  4. Try enabling multiple channels, such as WhatsApp, SMS or email.Tracking should also affect the return experience. Make sure that the software you will be working with ensures an effective, automatic and trackable returns and exchanges process.


Keeping your customer updated is crucial to ensure a good online shopping experience. It's also a great help in reducing the number of missed deliveries or lost products. Want to keep your customers informed and engaged? These tracks and trace solutions will help you do just that.

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