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The 12 best reverse logistics softwares

Daniel Bengochea
Daniel Bengochea
Jan 19, 2024

Reducing the cost of returns and optimizing their management is a highly profitable business tactic. To achieve this, it is essential to use a specialized reverse logistics software.

However, choosing the right reverse logistics software solution can be complex. There are a wide variety of programs and platforms available, each designed for a specific industry or function.

Are you looking to simplify your returns process? We analyze the most important reverse logistics software and systems of 2024.

What is reverse logistics software?

Reverse logistics software is a system designed to streamline the procedures associated with the return of products and goods from the consumer to the manufacturer or original warehouse.

It enables the efficient management of returns by facilitating product reconditioning, recycling, restocking of items at the point of sale, automated processing of return requests or RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), management of collections by carriers, traceability, and any other task included in the reverse supply chain.

In short, with reverse logistics software, you can offer your customer a satisfying and fully automated return process.

The 12 best reverse logistics softwares

1. Outvio

Outvio reverse logistics software
  • Starting at €125 per month
  • 14-day free trial

Outvio is a premium reverse logistics software that allows you to automate all the post-sale phases of your eCommerce, including shipping, returns, customer communication, and fulfillment. It stands out for its integral nature, offering an effective solution to all post-sale needs, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to much more efficient reverse logistics, Outvio allows you to recommend products and process exchanges fully automatically, transforming returns into a new sales channel. It is the most complete system if you have an eCommerce


  • 100% automatic management of return and exchange requests
  • Fully customizable returns portal
  • Operational centralization of warehouses and carriers
  • Automatic generation of return labels
  • Customizable return and exchange notifications
  • Smart rules and algorithms for return automation
  • Automatic product exchanges for any alternative in the catalog
  • Cross-selling and up-selling system
  • Direct integration with leading carriers and CMS
  • Complete eCommerce analytics with over +90 KPIs

Unique features you only get with Outvio


Fully customizable notification system. You can decide when and under what conditions to send emails, WhatsApps, or SMS to your customers or carriers. Add promotions, satisfaction surveys, and other revenue-generating elements.

Returns Portal with RevenuePlus

Specifically designed returns portal for revenue growth. Connects your returns flow with your business' sales funnel, allowing your customers to exchange for more expensive products and make payments instantly.

Incident Manager

This intelligent dashboard provides a global and real-time view of all shipments and returns and their potential incidents. You can quickly identify any irregularities and take immediate action to resolve them.

Automation Rules

Rule-based and intelligent algorithms system to automate logistics decisions and orient them towards maximum profitability. Select the lowest shipping or return rates at all times, offer store credit discount coupons, notify your customers or carriers whenever necessary, etc.

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2. Loop Returns

loopreturns sofware
  • Starting at 29 euros per month
  • No free trial

Loop Returns is a returns management platform for online stores. By connecting it to your shipping aggregator system, you can automate a large part of the reverse logistics operations of your business, as well as customer communication through emails.


  • Returns portal
  • Return notifications
  • Requires third-party integration

3. Return Go

returngo software
  • Starting from €121 per month
  • 14-day free trial

ReturnGo is another returns and reverse logistics management software system specifically designed for mid-sized online stores. It allows you to automate RMA requests and their resolution process. It features an automated portal, personalization capabilities, and notifications. However, it only integrates with one carrier, which may limit its overall capabilities.


  • Returns portal
  • Automation rules
  • Requires third-party integration for additional carriers

4. If Returns

ifreturns software
  • Custom price
  • No trial period

If Returns is a Spanish returns software solution specialized in small logistics operations. Buyers can request a return through a digital portal. In addition, it has a recommendation system to encourage users to make exchanges instead of returns. Recommended for small stores.


  • Digital portal
  • Refund automation
  • Product recommendations

5. ReverseLogix

  • Custom pricing
  • No free trial

ReverseLogix is a company specializing in supply chain, product repair, and asset recovery. From collection to reuse, it offers comprehensive solutions that help organizations implement sustainable practices and contribute to a more responsible environment.


  • Connects different points in the supply chain
  • Smooth return request management
  • Reduces carbon footprint

6. Reveni

reveni refund software
  • Custom Pricing
  • No Trial

Reveni is a returns software specializing in instant refunds and exchanges. The company advances the cost of refunds so that stores can continue with the return. However, this advance must be repaid with additional interest.


  • Advances the cost of refunds
  • Returns portal
  • Additional commissions on price


reversio return logistics
  • Custom price
  • No trial period is a French platform specializing in reverse logistics, which handles the management of product return processes, from collection to reuse. A very interesting alternative if you need to optimize the return of merchandise to warehouses within France.


  • Strong presence in France
  • Label printing
  • Recycling and refurbishment

8. One Stock

one stock
  • Custom pricing
  • No trial period

OneStock is an inventory management software that allows you to centralize different purchase flows and simplify their management. From its system, you can control the operations of picking, packing, and returning products, making it easy for your customers to return their purchases directly to physical stores.


  • Enables multiple return methods
  • Allows for smoother stock management
  • Replenishment options

9. Dawa

dawa return software
  • Customized pricing
  • No free trial

Dawa is another recently launched return management software for online stores. It automates the simplest reverse logistics processes, such as RMA requests or refund management. It is useful for providing a better customer experience, but its automation options are limited.


  • Automated portal
  • Manual processing of exchange requests
  • Allows you to add business logos

10. Zoho inventory

zoho software
  • Starting at €39 per month
  • No free trial

Zoho Inventory is an inventory management app. It offers a wide range of features to help businesses manage their stock and keep it up-to-date whenever you request a return. These features include inventory tracking or shipment management.


  • Inventory tracking and control
  • Inventory synchronization across multiple sales channels
  • Reduces stockouts

11. Bigblue

Big blue reverse logitics company
  • Custom pricing
  • No trial period

Bigblue is a logistics company with a digital portal for returns management. It has a network of warehouses that allows businesses to outsource the logistics part of order and return processing, covering storage, packing, and shipping.


  • Distribution center network
  • Fulfillment service
  • Carbon emissions reduction

12. ServiceCentral

service central reverse logistics software
  • Custom pricing
  • No free trial

ServiceCentral is a product inventory and traceability automation software. It helps businesses manage the product trail throughout the supply chain. It also offers repair services for the refurbishment of returned merchandise.


  • Repair shop
  • Integration with service providers
  • Warehouse management


Reverse logistics directly affects the efficiency of return and transportation processes for any distribution company. Optimizing your operations with software from this list will be an important step towards the scalability of your business, reducing your logistics costs and allowing you to offer a better return experience.

To ensure long-term growth, I recommend evaluating and analyzing each system on this list carefully in search of the most complete reverse logistics solution.

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