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The best couriers for online shops in Lithuania

Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez
Apr 8, 2022
best couriers for ecommerce in lithuania

Choosing the right couriers for your online store can be the difference between successful deliveries and happy customers, and a myriad of shipping issues and unsatisfied customers.

Remember that the delivery of the products is the first physical experience that customers have with your brand. If there’s a shipping issue, it will be perceived as a mistake on your side and you’ll take the blame —whether you want it or not.

To avoid this situation as much as possible, choose the best courier for your online store. Take a look at our compilation of couriers operating in Lithuania.

What’s the best courier in Lithuania?

The answer to this question doesn’t have a straightforward answer, since what you consider the best courier will depend on what your needs are and what your customers want and demand. For instance, if your target is mainly international, you’d need to work with couriers that are able to ship to other countries.

If your buyers have an inclination for fast or flexible deliveries, or if they prefer to enjoy free shipping, you’ll need to have several options on the checkout page to accommodate everyone’s needs. Working with more than one courier will ensure that you can offer the best delivery service to customers without compromising your profits.

How to choose the best courier for eCommerce?

Having said this, to choose the best courier for your online store, you’ll need to consider the nature of your products, whether your customers prefer fast and flexible delivery options or free shipping —it may be possible that the results here are split— the location of the buyers, etc. 

Only with this information will you be able to choose the best courier for your eCommerce business.

The best couriers in Lithuania for eCommerce

Choose among this selection of professional couriers operating in Lithuania and start shipping domestically and internationally:


Rusko is a shipping company that offers different services, from cargo transportation to B2C deliveries, air freight, warehousing, and express deliveries internationally. You can use Rusko to deliver domestic and international parcels sent from Lithuania.


Venipak is a Lithuanian shipping company that operates in the Baltic countries. With Venipak, you can ship door-to-door or to parcel lockers (Venipak ATMs). There are over 520 Venipak parcel lockers and around 100 pickup points in Lithuania alone.


Omniva is a shipping company from Estonia that operates across all Baltic countries. Shipping with a Baltic company means that Omniva offers more domestic delivery services than an international courier, but its international options can be somewhat limited.

DPD Lithuania

DPD is one of the most popular shipping companies in Europe. Their parcel-locker system and other flexible delivery methods, together with their express services, have made this courier the go-to option for many businesses in Lithuania. They also have shipping options to send parcels from Lithuania to Estonia and Latvia.

Smartpost Lithuania

Smartpost is one the preferred couriers in Lithuania by customers. Smartpost offers shipments by air, sea, and road. Being a shipping company originally from the Baltics, they offer plenty of domestic options for Lithuania, including shipping to Latvia and Estonia. If you want to ship internationally, there may be other better options for you.

fedex and other international couriers for ecommerce in lithuania

FedEx Lithuania

FedEx offers delivery options to make international shipments from Estonia easier. Their services include FedEx International First, FedEx International Priority Express, FedEx International Economy, and even freight solutions if you want to ship bulkier items.

UPS Lithuania

UPS is an American shipping company specializing in road deliveries. You can use the following services in Lithuania: ​​Express Plus, Express, Express Saver, Standard, Expedited, WW Express Freight, and WWEF Midday to start shipping internationally from Lithuania.

DHL Lithuania

DHL is an international courier that offers several delivery methods —by road, rail, sea, and air— to cater to different types of businesses and parcel sizes. You can also select the shipping method based on the destination of the shipment, but DHL Lithuania is especially good for international shipping.

Shipping company Best for…
Rusko Domestic and international
Omniva Shipments within Lithuania and the Baltics
DPD Shipments within Lithuania and the Baltics
Smartpost Shipments within Lithuania and the Baltics
FedEx Lithuania International shipments
UPS Lithuania International shipments
DHL Lithuania International shipments

Create a multi-courier strategy to offer more options at checkout

Now that you know the best couriers in Lithuania, you have probably decided on the best options for your online store, since not all couriers offer the same options.

Some companies may be more suitable for domestic shipments, while others can be better for international shipping. Some couriers may offer lower shipping rates, while others have faster or more flexible shipping services.

If you want to keep your customers happy, you are going to need to work with several couriers to offer flexible, fast, and cheap or free delivery. Start using Outvio, the post-sales platform, to:

  • Use pre-set shipping rates (or add your own rates)
  • Prevent mistakes during the fulfillment process
  • Select, by default, the lowest shipping rate for every shipment
  • Solve shipping issues before they affect your customers, reducing the number of claims
  • Use Outvio’s easy editor to create a customized tracking portal and branded notification emails to strengthen your brand image and improve the customer experience
  • Start shipping domestically and internationally with your own couriers, and even deal with those returns
  • Automate the return process, reducing return-related costs and speeding up the process for your customers

Providing a quality purchasing experience to your customers is the best way to foster loyalty. This can be easily done with Outvio.

Integrate all your couriers in a single interface and get the best shipping rates without compromising the delivery experience. Surrender to the magic of Outvio.

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