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Get full details on your sales numbers, shipments and returns, amongst others, and make informed decisions based on hard data, not gut-feeling, and optimise your business further.
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A complete insight to your eCommerce.

Keep track of customer behavior trends and find possible improvements for your Online Shop. Make informed decisions based on real data to better understand the customers with a complete set of eCommerce analytics.

Sales analytics.

See what sells most and where your strongest markets are. Keep track of received orders in real time and compare it with historical data to plan ahead.

Fulfilment analytics.

Check how fast your orders get shipped out, identify if there are any mistakes happening during the fulfillment process, know how efficiently your warehouse is working, how much time it takes for each warehouse associate to complete picking and packing, and much more.

Shipping analytics.

Keep your shipping costs under control, see how fast your packages are getting delivered, which couriers are the most efficient, what is the average delivery time, what are the most common courier incidents and more.

Notification analytics.

Find out how customers interact with notification messages and track the performance of each message. Use this information to find out what is the best email-type, SMS and WhatsApp and what is the best time of day to send different types of messages.

Returns analytics.

See which products are getting returned the most and why. Find out what are the most frequent return and exchange reasons. Identify markets more prone to returns and find out which couriers are more cost effective for shipping returns.

Easy export to your system.

Outvio adapts to your needs and supports your growth. Simply export the valuable analytics collected by Outvio into any format, such as CSV or Excel.
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Learn how powerful post-checkout analytics will skyrocket your success.

Sales analytics
Find your strongest markets
Fulfilment analytics
Monitor warehouse performance in real time
Shipping analytics
Make courier performance count
Notification analytics
Avoid sending redundant notifications
Return analytics
Find the most common reasons for returns and fix them
Export data
Data compiled by the analytics feature can be easily exported

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