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Get full details on your sales numbers, shipping costs and returns details. Make informed decisions to optimise your business further.
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Statistics and analytics

A complete insight to sales, shipping and returns.

Keep track of your progress
Know where your business is at and where it is trending to at any moment. Have detailed insight into sales, shipping and returns statistics.
Pinpoint successes
Discover your best-sellers, strongest markets and loyal customers. Know where to concentrate efforts to get most return for development investments.
Find possible improvements
See what is not working, which products have high return rates, which markets are failing. Know where to start looking for improvements and optimisations.
Know your sales numbers

Sales analytics.

See what sells most and where are your strongest markets. Keep track of received orders in real time and compare with historical data to plan ahead.
Statistics offered by post-checkout eCommerce platform Outvio
Know your shipments

Shipping analytics.

Keep your shipping costs under control, see how fast your packages are getting delivered and which couriers are the most efficient.
Shipping comparison of various transport companies
Know your returns

Returns analytics.

See which products are getting returned the most and why. Identify markets more prone to returns and see which couriers are best value for return shipping.
Visual element of post-checkout eCommerce platform Outvio
69 (39%)
Size does not fit
52 (30%)
Changed my mind
16 (13%)
Does not match description
5 (3%)
Wrong product
Know how your team is doing

Fulfillment analytics.

Check how fast your orders get shipped out, identify if there are any mistakes happening during the fulfillment process, know how efficiently your warehouse is working.
User analytics of post-checkout eCommerce platform Outvio
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Outvio in numbers

Real statistics from real clients.

  • 28%
    Lower fulfillment costs
  • x3
    Customer query and incident resolution speed
  • 79%
    Less customer support queries
  • 34%
    Increase re-purchase rate after a return
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