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Outvio Cookie Policy

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Cookies are small text files that all websites use to improve user experience. Some cookies are necessary for websites to work and are always loaded automatically.

Other cookies help personalise websites to your preferred language and region, improve marketing activities and anonymously analyse site traffic and usage. These are the kinds of cookies websites are required to ask for consent before loading.

Outvio uses the following types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies that are used on all websites to enable basic functionality, eg. page navigation and login access;
  • Performance cookies that enable websites to understand how visitors interact with them and are used to improve user experience;
  • Marketing cookies that help Google and others to show you more relevant and useful ads while you navigate the internet;
  • Preference cookies that help websites remember how you want them to behave or look, eg. your language or region you are in.

You can use our Cookie Manager to manage your personal preferences for cookies on our website and to see the exact list of cookies that are loaded together with their expiration time.

Last update: March 1st, 2024