Outvio vs. Deliverea comparison.

Trying to decide between Deliverea and Outvio? We would like to show you some practical use cases and functionalities where we strongly believe that Outvio is a key solution for online shops.

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Even though we are bound to be a bit biased, we have put our many years of industry experience into action to give you our sincere and fair opinion on the best choice for a given eCommerce comparing all the benefits and advantages..
Integrate your own couriers
Smart picking & packing
Fully branded tracking notifications
One click integration with 30+ CMS, ERPs, WMSs
Shopify app integration
Branded Return & Exchanges portal included
Personalised return reasons
Returns & Exchanges with any courier
Send branded SMS notifications
Basic Support Included
Advanced Support included
Advanced analytics
Integrate via API
More than 180
90+ KPIs to track
1-3 business days
Limited to 33
4 basic KPIs
2-4 months
"Integrating Ballzy into the Outvio infrastructure was definitely the best decision in 2021. There has been a turning point in the way we interact with our customers, the quality of our customer support and our logistics costs. Outvio is here to stay."

"Definitely the best decision in 2021"

Aivar Kisel
Logistics manager of Ballzy

11 unique features you only get with Outvio.

Outvio and Deliverea are both a good choice if you only need to print shipping labels with multiple couriers. But when it comes to the brass tracks of finding a solution that has scalability in mind, Outvio’s more advanced and indispensable features, integrations, superior end-customer experience and higher return on investment, make it stand out against any alternative.

An all-in-one solution.

We often find that online stores using Deliverea mainly use it to print shipping labels. They use other tools to manage everything else, as Deliverea lacks functionality in most other areas. With Outvio you can print shipping labels, of course, but you also get the most advanced tool to manage all your post-checkout processes in a single place.

A professional picking and packing solution.

Deliverea lacks any functionality before the shipping takes place. On the other hand, Outvio is the only platform in the market that offers an Advanced Fulfilment System, that enables users to pick products quickly and pack orders error-free. Clients that come to Outvio report 100% order accuracy and a reduction of over 72% in the time they spend processing orders.

The best tracking page for eCommerce.

With Outvio you will offer your customers the best tracking page in the market, with Smart ActionsTM and automations that truly save time from your customer support and significantly improve the delivery experience. You can also customize it to match your branding, add advertising banners and it is available in 30+ languages.

100% branded notifications.

With Deliverea you are forced to use the same email template shared with everyone else using Deliverea. This template is extremely limiting and the most important information cannot be edited. With Outvio you do not have to compromise your style and can fully customize your delivery notifications to match your brand. Add recommended products, seasonal campaigns, videos and more. Moreover, with Outvio you can configure up to 16 points of contact during the delivery and return process, so your customers always and precisely know what to expect.
Lines of code of post-checkout eCommerce platform Outvio

More Integrations and a Powerful API.

Deliverea lacks integrations with most CMSs, which is why they will most likely push you to integrate via API with them, with the increased risks and associated costs. Outvio offers 30+ integrations with all major CMSs, ERPs and marketplaces, so you can be up and running in minutes.

Even if you want to integrate with Outvio via API, it will typically be done in 1-3 business days, not several weeks. Why so? Outvio features, even the most advanced ones, are right away ready, while Deliverea relies heavily on developing and personalising these features for every client.

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Multi-language. Uncompromised.

Communicating with customers in their own language will strongly improve their buying experience and assure returning customers. With Outvio you have 30+ languages without restrictions, with the possibility to add templates in other languages at will. With Deliverea you might be limited to just 3 languages.

Returns & exchanges.

Deliverea only offers manual returns off-the-shelf and will typically charge you extra to custom build a returns portal for your eCommerce. On the other hand, Outvio offers the most powerful, fully-branded and feature-rich returns and exchanges portal which can be completely branded in a matter of minutes, to match the style of your eCommerce without making any compromises. If product exchanges are important for you, Outvio fully automates this process. Something not possible with Deliverea.


Outvio supports the expansion and growth of your eCommerce by allowing you to set-up multiple brands and sales channels with one account. With Outvio you can set up multiple brands, each with their individual branding and style for notifications, tracking and returns & exchange portal. This is not possible with Deliverea.

The best support is non-negotiable.

If you want premium support, Deliverea will charge you extra for it, or they will offer it at a lower or no cost as a negotiation tactic. It is not part of the initial price they will offer you. At Outvio we understand the importance of quality customer service and stand against the idea of hiding key services behind a paywall. Which is why we offer all our clients with qualified and experienced professionals to assist and help them with any request they might have, at no extra cost.
Lines of code of post-checkout eCommerce platform Outvio


Deliverea only offers very basic shipping analytics. Outvio, on the other hand, provides over 90 business-critical KPIs, about shipments but also extends it to returns, notifications, incidents, warehouse operations and sales.

A better ROI for any eCommerce.

If you run a growing eCommerce business Outvio gives you the option to choose an affordable plan that suits both your needs and budget. For established, big operations, Outvio offers a large amount of indispensable and ready to use features and, as opposed to Deliverea, Outvio does not limit the number of warehouses, couriers or users. Online stores that switch to Outvio see immediate savings of 35% on average and, thanks to the unique features that only Outvio offers, an average increase in sales of 1.2%, after just 5 months.

Advantages of Outvio.

Outvio understands the wants and needs of big eCommerce operations. This is why Outvio’s multiple customisable features for fulfillment, shipping, tracking, notifications and returns and exchanges really become a competitive advantage.

Even if you are a growing business, you will not be left alone. Gain access to the tools and features that big eCommerce companies use, and do this for a price that matches the scale of your operations.

For this reason, eCommerces that value having a solid, fully customizable, easy-to-integrate and bullet-proof post-checkout system choose Outvio. You get all the benefits of a custom-built solution, with none of the limitations.

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