11 tips to sell jewellery online with an eCommerce

Mariluz Sampalo

Mariluz Sampalo

Nov 3, 2021

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  • Jewellery and luxury products are one of the booming industries in the world. In fact, the numbers on this sector online are expected to skyrocket as presented in the next graph from Statista. Probably this is one of the reasons why selling jewellery online has become a profitable business with more and more investments.


    Specifically, these are some of the reasons why selling jewellery online is profitable.

    Reasons to sell jewellery online

    1. Jewellery and other accessories tend to be small and light, making their shipment easier. Once the package has been correctly prepared, the possibilities of breakage or damage are very few.
    2. These items can adopt many forms. You can use different materials and styles and create them for women, men, children, unisex… You can focus on one type of product or sell items from various categories: chains, earrings, bracelets, etc.
    3. Offering customisable accessories could increase the profit margins.
    4. Take advantage of festivities and special occasions to promote your products and continue selling all year round. Jewellery can be used every day.

    What kind of jewellery sells best?

    There are jewellery and accessories more profitable than others. All items that do not have size will always be easier to sell online. Many of these purchases are meant to be a gift, that is why knowing that the dimensions of an item are adequate reassures the purchases in the choice.

    In particular, the items that sell the most are necklaces and pendants, as well as earrings. Even better if they are personalised, engraved, or customisable in some other way, like chain length or plate

    Tips to have a successful jewellery eCommerce

    Control the aesthetics of the web

    For this kind of business, it is important to have a web design that encourages purchases. This means aesthetics and usability. One of the eCommerce platforms that best align with this philosophy is Squarespace. This platform allows you to create a webpage that makes it possible to escalate your business without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

    Another key aspect to take care of is the product pages. For example, provide:

    • Attractive pictures that show the fit of the product, how it looks from different angles and a close-up to see their details. Obviously, the quality of these pictures must be flawless.
    • Create attractive and detailed descriptions: materials, precautions, dimensions, etc.
    • If you sell more than one kind of product, make categories for every single type. Your customers will find the navigation through your page easier, incentivising sales.

    Define your aesthetic, brand philosophy and user persona

    With the rise in popularity of online jewellery shops, the need to differentiate yourself from competitors also increases. This sheds light on the importance of communicating your brand philosophy at every opportunity.

    For example, think if your items have a minimalist style or if they are more intricate. Do they have a romantic, vintage or gothic essence?

    What is the price of your products? This is one of the factors to target and establish your user persona or the use intended for the items: Are they meant for special occasions? For children, youth or adults? Are they luxury items or day-to-day pieces?

    Evaluate the production cost and carry out market research to see what your competitors are offering and at what price point. Jewellery is one of the products with bigger margins. Do not hesitate to price your items according to the materials you use and the time spent on creating them.

    Just as important as the materials are the production method of the pieces. Are they unique and artisanal? Hand-made? Are they made in Europe? Do you offer personalisation?

    Size guide

    Unless the products you sell are one-size-fits-all, include a size guide in a visible place and the product pages that require its consultation (bracelets or rings, for example).

    The majority of returns in eCommerce are caused by the impossibility to see and try on the product before purchasing it. Avoid these returns by creating a size guide that is universal and easy to understand. Customer satisfaction will improve and the number of returns that you receive will diminish.

    Payment methods

    Offering different payment methods is one way to ease the payment process and reduce frictions in checkout. At this point, we will recommend researching the most common payment methods among your customers.

    Moreover, in an industry like jewellery, it may be useful to offer different payment methods like “buy now, pay later”. This is especially attractive if your pieces are in the high-end spectrum.

    Return policy

    An attractive, clear and concise return policy will incentivise future purchases and overcome the disadvantages of online shopping. The jewellery sector is one of the latest to jump into the digital market. One of the reasons why can be the tradition tied to such artisanal labour like the jewellery business.

    However, by providing a possible and attractive return system on a national and international level, you can transform the lack of physical experience into a more relaxed shopping process that allows the customer to try the product on at home and make a return if needed, from the comfort of their home, simply and inexpensively.

    With Outvio you can offer international returns and track them. Moreover, you could create your own personalised portal, in which the customers will be able to make their returns without contacting customer support.


    Packaging is one of the first physical elements that your customer will feel. Although you should not imitate big jewellery companies, designing attractive and sustainable packaging is more than recommended.

    If your brand image and style allow it, include creativity into it. Do not forget about volumetric weight when doing it to make the most out of the space and keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

    However, do not forget that the branded packaging should protect the pieces during transportation. Packaging is especially important in this industry.

    Insure your products

    If you sell jewellery at a high price point, insuring these products during transportation is a practice that will save you money in the long run.

    To make this possible, you will need to work with couriers that offer this kind of insurance during shipping or to contact an insurance company to do it.

    Attention: When the courier picks up your packages, he must sign a shipping list as a proof.


    When it comes to couriers, it is extremely important to find out which allows the shipment of jewellery and if this rule is based on economic value or the materials that make it up. Maybe it could still be possible to send your items with them.

    Couriers like DPD, DHL, UPS, or TNT allow the shipment of these articles. However, you must inform them of the value and nature of the goods. There are other shipping companies like DB Schenker or FedEx that set limitations on these, because of their value or the materials used in them.

    This is why, if you want to sell jewellery online more efficiently, we recommend you to contact different transportation companies to see the conditions and possibilities that they offer on these products.

    Picking and packing

    Having picking and packing lists can be extremely beneficial for a jewellery online shop. Even when your warehouse is only a shelve, your products have are small-sized and can look very similar.


    A visual representation of these products can prevent shipping issues and human errors while preparing orders, reducing the number of returns caused by these mistakes and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

    Outvio creates these automatically.You can also use the Scan & Pack system to avoid incidents, manage warehouse times more efficiently and improve your fulfilment process overall.

    Customer support: incidents and questions

    Making an online purchase in itself is worrying. When the product is more expensive, confidence and security during the sale and post-sale stages are key aspects of the customer experience.

    One of the ways to minimise this sense of unease is to provide real-time information on the status and location of the order. This can be done by using a post-sales tool like Outvio. With this software, you will be able to create a tracking portal within your page customised with your branding and set up automated emails with tracking information.

    Good customer service is a key tool for customer loyalty and incentivising sales. If you want to give a quality service in this sense, it is fundamental to listen to their problems and solve them by offering returns, reimbursements, discount codes, free shipping or, simply, by having them informed.

    You can also use email marketing strategies to suggest related products (cross-selling) or to notify them when an item in their wishlist has been restocked. You can learn more about email marketing automation in this article that provides techniques for optimising emailing.

    Be aware of seasonality and festivities

    As we said in the beginning, jewellery and other accessories are used every day. This is good news for your business since it will not suffer from seasonality, like other industries.

    Nevertheless, there are times when more jewellery is sold. For example, wedding season, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduations or birthdays. This means your sales will peak on certain days for this kind of occasions or suitable to be gifted, but your eCommerce is not limited to seasonal sales.

    Opening a jewellery shop is already an adventure, selling jewellery online is not easier. After having read this article, we hope you feel more prepared to start your jewellery store on the Internet and that every needed step is clear to create a jewellery brand and have a successful eCommerce.