Top 7 eCommerce customer service software systems

Mariluz Sampalo
Mariluz Sampalo

Sep 5, 2022

customer service can be improved by using software systems for ecommerce

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  • Good customer service and customer support software are valued more and more by eCommerce businesses and managers around the world. Speed and efficiency are the main factors assessed by customers when it comes to the way an online store handles queries and claims —and the reason they stick to a particular brand.

    Choose the best customer service software solutions and design a purchasing experience with customer satisfaction in mind from day 1.

    A customer service software is any tool or platform that can be used by businesses to improve the customer experience. That doesn’t necessarily mean that these software systems are directly used to communicate with customers, they can also be used as part of an internal customer support strategy, such as to facilitate communication between employees or departments.

    Some of the following customer service software solutions can be used to directly impact the customer while others will simply help your online store manage queries and claims and speed up the resolution processes.

    Top 7 eCommerce customer service software solutions

    1. Userlike

    Userlike is a customer service platform that connects multiple channels, such as your website, social networks and messaging platforms. Userlike's core functionalities allow online stores to keep their customers close thanks to live chats.

    Customer can start conversations on your website and you can stay in touch with them through messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Threema, SMS or Telegram.

    userlike is a software system that provides a live chat and other support tools for online stores

    Manage all live and open conversations, regardless of the platform that the user is in, from a single interface. This will help your customer support and success team to close sales and offer help whenever a buyer or potential customer has questions or complains that need a fast solution.

    Price: available from €90/month

    2. Livechat

    Livechat is a customer service software system that offers support in real-time through mobile and desktop versions. Livechat helps you create a stronger bond with your buyers and potential customers by centralizing all communications with clients: Facebook Messenger, email, Whatsapp, SMS and website chats, in a single platform.

    livechat is a customer service tool that streamlines the communication between brand and customer

    With this customer service system, you can keep track of leads and interact with potential buyers to promote sales and solve the questions of those customers interested in your products and brand and use its built-in tools to speed up the process. For instance, you can use the Message Translator to translate the message you receive, Sneak Peak, to provide a visual representation of the link you are sending, when you, for example, send a product page, or Survey, to collect the opinions of customers about existing products or future launches.

    Price: available from $16/month per agent

    3. Chatra

    Chatra is a support tool that facilitates live conversations with your customers. Chatra's goal is to help online stores manage questions and solve problems to increase online sales and conversions. Similarly to Livechat, it centralizes all chats and communications in a single platform, making the process of tracking and replying to messages much easier for the customer support team.

    chatra is a live chat platform for customer service

    Chatra, compared to other tools, is weak in terms of integrations. For instance, they don't have integrations with some of the major CMS platforms and they can only connect your email address, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

    Price: available from €17/month per user

    4. Livebeep

    Livebeep helps you connect your online store with all of your customers via a single platform so that you can implement an omnichannel communication strategy. Connect different channels: email, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and other platforms, into a single interface to speed up the management of doubts and claims and increase customer satisfaction.

    livebeep is a customer service platform for omnichannel communication

    With Livebeep's Support & Communication plan, you can also customize your chatbot and get access to a contact and business database (CRM functionalities).

    Price: available from €29/month

    5. Oct8ne

    Oct8ne is a support tool that allows you to chat with customers and see what they have in their cart to better answer questions, learn about their interests and personalize the shopping experience. Customers can share images and videos and you'll be able to create up-selling and cross-selling strategies thanks to the data provided by the platform regarding the interests of each client.

    oct8ne helps brands provide good customer service to the buyer during the purchasing stage

    The chatbot can be easily configured with the most common questions and multiple answers and connected to WhatsApp, Business API, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, to offer the same experience in these applications as well.

    Price: available from $49/month

    6. Olark

    Olark is a platform used to chat with customers through your online store. It can help boost sales, increase conversions and offer quality customer service. Real-time information such as login name, location, past purchases and cart content will help you create more profitable communications with your customers, in terms of finances and in terms of branding.

    olark is a customer service software system to have better communication with customers

    Olark has integrations for the most popular CMS platforms and CRM systems as well as marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics, ActiveCampaign or Hubspot.

    Price: available from $29/month

    7. Outvio

    Outvio is an all-in-one platform designed to optimize and automate dozens of post-checkout eCommerce operations from fulfilment and shipping to tracking, notifications, customer support, returns and exchanges and even eCommerce analytics.

    Most importantly in terms of customer service, it gives you a central hub to:

    • Brand the post-checkout purchasing experience for your customers with the best tracking page in the market that shows all order information and your branding elements.
    • Send personalized messages (email, SMSs, Whatsapp, etc.) automatically and for free to all your customers, and proactively contact them to keep them up to date on the status and location of their order.
    • Automate your returns with a portal that enables your customers to be autonomous in the return process while simultaneously reducing the workload for your customer support team.
    post-checkout platform to reduce workload in customer support

    Brand your post-checkout operations with Outvio to boost the repurchase rate and build a solid audience of buyers. Find out how.

    Price: Start from €29/month


    Offering quality customer service is an essential factor for the success of any eCommerce business, regardless of its sales volume or the length of time it’s been operating.

    Simply having a good product won’t retain customers. The process of building a loyal community starts right after the sale. Start using marketing tools alongside the support tools in the list above that best fit your business model to create the perfect customer experience.