15 HTML color palette generators for your eCommerce business

Mariluz Sampalo

Mariluz Sampalo

May 12, 2022

color palette generators for online businesses and branding

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  • icon1. ColourLovers 
  • icon2. Color Hexa
  • icon3. Adobe Color
  • icon4. Adobe Capture
  • icon5. Colormind
  • icon6. Brand Colors
  • icon7. Cohesive Colors
  • icon8. ColorHunt
  • icon9. ColourCode
  • icon10. ColRD
  • icon11. Mudcube Sphere
  • icon12. Khroma
  • icon13. Palettr
  • icon14. Palettable
  • icon15. Eva Design System
  • iconImprove your online store’s branding with Outvio
  • iconFAQ about HTML color palette generators
  • Are you running short on ideas of how to take your store branding to the next level? Using an HTML color palette generator may be just the thing you need.

    Color strategies are very effective when it comes to transmitting feelings and ideas. Many eCommerce businesses, for example, use loud tones to promote impulse sales, while others opt for softer tones to reinforce a feeling of transparency and security.

    Regardless of the strategy you choose, you may want to utilize a tool to help make sure you choose the right color palette for your business. For that, we’ve compiled the best HTML color palette generators in 2023.

    1. ColourLovers 

    In ColourLovers, artists can share their creations and create a community to pool resources. In addition to color palettes, you can also find diagrams, layouts, forms, work guides and even blog entries.

    2. Color Hexa

    Color Hexa serves as a digital encyclopedia that makes it easy to find the tones that best suit your online store. Whenever you add values to its search engine, Color Hexa will show you related information so that you can expand the spectrum of colors.

    3. Adobe Color

    Adobe Color is a free tool that scans images to extract their color codes and thereby ease the process of creating a custom palette. The Adobe ecosystem is trusted in the design industry for its quality and great features, so don't be afraid to use this HTML color palette generator whenever you need it.

    4. Adobe Capture

    adobe capture for color palette generation

    Adobe Capture is an interesting tool that enables you to take pictures and extract the color palette of the image. Because Adobe Capture belongs to Adobe, you’ll be able to access this information in your account library. 

    5. Colormind

    Colormind creates a color palette and mimics how it would look on your website. This branding solution is widely used by designers and managers of online stores because of its usability and practical features.

    6. Brand Colors

    Brand Colors allows you to identify the color codes used by your favorite brands. This HTML color palette generator collects information from other companies to inspire you and help find the best palette for your business and industry.

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    7. Cohesive Colors

    Cohesive Colors uses your current color palette to identify tones similar to your branding. This program can help you find a better fit for your online store.

    8. ColorHunt

    ColorHunt is a dynamic website that is updated every day with new color codes. You can filter tone groups to find the most suitable options for your business. This HTML color palette generator is very helpful for finding new and original combinations.

    9. ColourCode

    With ColourCode, all you need to do is move the cursor on the screen until you find the color you’re looking for. Then you can start working on your custom color palette.

    10. ColRD

    colrd helps you find images and color palettes

    On ColRD, you’ll find inspiring designs (and their respective color palettes), which you can then apply to your own website. If you’re having trouble deciding which picture to use on your home page, this tool will help you out.

    11. Mudcube Sphere

    Mudcube Sphere includes everything one would expect from a color palette generator. You can search for a color through a code and then create a complete palette, without any limitations. Its interface is less intuitive than other tools, but it comes with plenty of features for advanced designers.

    12. Khroma

    Khroma is the opposite of Mudcube Sphere. This tool guides users through their preferences until they find the color code they need.

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    13. Palettr

    Palettr has a very interesting functionality to extract color palettes by theme. If you don’t know which shades to use for your business idea and industry, enter the word that describes them best and then follow Palettr’s tailored recommendations.

    14. Palettable

    palettable is an easy to use tool to create a color palette that works for your online store

    Palettable simulates a real color palette so you can appreciate the tonal characteristics of each color in full-screen mode. Combine several colors, follow the suggested improvements or add your own codes.

    15. Eva Design System

    Eva Design System’s interface consists of five columns with different tones to help you try out various original color combinations that will distinguish you from your competitors.

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    FAQ about HTML color palette generators

    What is an HTML color palette generator?

    HTML color palette generators are specialized programs for web design. Their function is to create the tones for your branding strategy to make it more effective and thereby boost sales.

    How should you choose a color palette?

    Think about the user experience and select a color scheme. Once you’ve selected the tones you’d like for your brand, consider color theory and use the 60-30-10 rule in your color wheel. Create different color palettes and pick the one that best suits your online store.